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First Picture gets blurry: WHY?

I noticed that the first picture (the most important one) gets an extra bit of blur effect once you upload it to the site. I wasn’t totally sure about this so I upload the same picture twice in sequence. The first picture is blurred while the second one (same picture) is nice and sharp. It is a horrible effect and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

It’s annoying isn’t it. Maybe something we should take up with Host Voice?

I think the photo is not a high enough resolution. It doesn’t happen on all listings. But the first photo has a magnification effect and if your photos are too small that’s what happens.

I understand that there must be a preprocessing filter after we upload our pictures but I don’t know why this the first one is different than the rest. Shouldn’t be sharp as the other ones?

My pictures are all 1024 x 683px but I have the RAW files of all of them. I will try with higher resolutions but still it is clear for me that the first one gets a special treatment that the rest don’t

I don’t think that res is high enough for hi-def screens.

I agree. I just updated a bunch of my photos and looked for this fuzziness filter. I couldn’t see it. My primary photo is 5472 × 3648.

Yes, I agree it might be a lower res but I tried with a high res picture and the same happens :frowning2:

Try to do the following. Upload the same picture you already have at your first position but this time as the second one. Now, test how they look together. Put special attention to the edges. Some of them will look blurred in the first one while perfect in the second one. This only happens to the first picture.

I uploaded a ton of photos today, and reorganized them so I am hesitant to play with it much more.

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