I’ve been hosting for 2 years & all of my guests have been lovely…friendly.,interesting & very respectful of our home/personal space. Until NOW.
I have a guy who is working away from home & who has been staying with an airbnb host near me. She has family coming to stay for all of June so can’t host for that month.
I had a 3 night booking from him which was fine… UNTIL he arrived.
He is so in my face. Obnoxious, full on & exhausting. My husband can’t be in the same room as him.
He has now asked to book all of June & first 2 weeks of July outside of airbnb (I’ve said no) & asked for a discount as he’s here 3 nights a week for 6 weeks.
SIX weeks?! I’d rather stick large knitting needles in my eyes.
Is there something fundamentally wrong with me that I’d turn away a 6 week booking?!
He asked if he could cook… Duh no… Read my listing… He asked if I had gluten free bread… Do I have decaff coffee… How much is our house selling for (we are on the market)
Maybe its a clash of personalities but I don’t think so… He’s just not a nice person. There I’ve said it.
My rant is over. He’s gone to bed so I can sit in my kitchen at nearly midnight and eat my big slice of NON-gluten free homemade cake. Did I bake non gluten free on purpose… OH HELL YES!



I had a guy like that. Is he a doctor? Maybe the same guy? He insisted he had to park in my garage. His nosy questions didn’t bother me but they would most people.

Absolutely not. I don’t allow bookings over “28 days.” I offer a 3% discount for one month booking. I just prefer to clean the room every day. And I don’t even have people in my part of the house.

Just say no. How much do you want to bet the other host doesn’t have family coming?


I’ve just taken a look at the other listing…the last week of June is available as is the first 2 weeks of July.
I’m quite a nosy person anyway but just had to take a peak!
My mistake (I’m still learning after 2 years) is not providing a tea/coffee tray in their room. The guests have a double bedroom plus their own private lounge with TV and private bathroom.
It’s never been a problem having guests use our kitchen to make tea & coffee but trust me… Things are going to change!
Despite having a load of things to do tomorrow, I WILL find time to go & buy a tea tray & kettle and give it a new home in the guest lounge.


Hang in there…only two more nights.

I’m just digging myself a big hole… More of a crater really that I can’t climb back out of.
I initially told Mr Know it All I could host him for June but now I’ve suffered the man for 2 nights invading my personal space, I DO NOT WANT HIM HERE AGAIN.
I will be losing quite a bit of money but hey ho… This is our home, our sanctuary & our decision who we have stay.
How do I now go back on agreeing he could stay?

I was just about to ask you how you had turned him down for June but now I know that wasn’t the case.

Everybody get your thinking caps on!

Yes please… Any suggestions welcome.

Use the same excuse as the last people who got rid of him: say you have family coming that you weren’t anticipating and need the space. You don’t need to go into details about why it is a bit last minute or who they are. If he starts making rude comments or questioning if it is real just smile and say you are sorry but it isn’t available. If needs be block it on ABB until he has gone and then unblock it in case he checks while still there. Once he has gone he is not your problem though somebody else nearby will possibly be writing here soon…whatever you do remember it is your place and you do not need to justify anything.


Thank you for a sensible answer.
I’m lying in bed worrying about this.
So stupid as it’s my home!
I’ve hosted over 85 guests and never felt like this about a guest.
I’ve had a couple of awkward people but that’s the nature of the beast… We can’t like or get on with everyone.

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Yep we can’t get on with everyone so don’t worry. It might be interesting though to think does he remind you of an annoying relative?!

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Hmm, a medical excuse perhaps. Migraines are quite debilitating and impossible for someone outside of your head to detect. Or a member of the family has fallen ill and you’ll be away.


Yes! Something that he can’t debate/check-up on!!

@Meander -

Is your calendar already showing each of your guest’s 3-night reservations for the month of June or is only the first 3-night stay booked? If you’re willing to take the hit on the cancellation, and would rather not confront the guest while he is there, you could wait until he has departed and then send him a note, something along these lines:

Hello Klutz,
Thank you for your recent stay. I know you are anticipating a return in June but our plans have changed. My husband and I have decided our rental is not a good match for you and we are unable to meet your expectations. Regrettably, we will not be offering you any future stays in our rental. Good luck and best wishes.


This sounds a little bit confrontational, if you don’t mind me saying so. You object to his gluten free diet and the fact that he prefers decaff coffee and once he’s not there you binge on non-gluten free cake - it’s almost like a silent protest …about nothing much.

There’s no rule that says that we should like our guests. This is a business and a financial transaction, after all. You’ve had two years of guests you like and now you’ve got one you don’t like - it seems that the law of averages is very firmly on your side.

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One thought to make it easier, you could say an elderly relative/parent has taken ill and must convalesce with you and the space is no longer available (for an undetermined amount of time).

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It’s rare for me to disagree with your assessment but…

I’m sure that what set meander off was Asking for a discount, asking to cook despite a listing that says no cooking, asking for gluten free bread. It doesn’t seem that breakfast is amenity is offered but I’m unsure.
Coffee and tea does seem to be offered so decaf might not be a crazy request.

No doubt as they said this already

It’s one thing to host guest across the way that you don’t like and another to host them in your home. I couldn’t do it so I spent $15,000 to separate us. I wish a tea tray would have done it.


If I have learned anything in this business it’s that…

NO amount of money is worth your peace of mind!

Whatever you do, don’t succumb. Get rid of him while you can!


I don’t think she confronted him. She said he went to bed and she got to enjoy her gluten full cake. Think how she will feel when he checks out!


Maybe she should have! I would, but then that’s me. :slight_smile:

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I think she’s suffering in silence and in countdown mode. Been there.