First bad guest

A guest seemed nice house was left ok, but then I found a cigarette on back porch rules and a lot in the bin, I clearly say absolute no smoking inside or out on the rules and again when I message them before arrival.

I have just found out from neighbor they were being noisy outside until 2am . So rude.

They also parked on the lawn when there is clearly a driveway parking spot which is concreted. Should I mention noise since it’s not really a rule?

Please help me write a review, normally I just let people off but I want to leave. A bad review for them.

Is this ok…

“Left the place clean but was disappointed to find cigarettes on the property, when rules clearly say no smoking.”

Or should I include the other things.

Be really careful not to state anything that wasn’t your own experience of the guests. It can be grounds for removal. Look at the guidelines to make sure.

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Please, please don’t let people off. As a host you know how important guest reviews are.

Do pay attention to @konacoconutz’s comment though. You don’t actually know that they were smoking - although I suppose you can say that you found cigarette butts as long as you’re absolutely sure that it couldn’t have been anyone else.

You only have your neighbour’s word for it that they were making a noise at night. And did you show them clearly where to park when they arrived?

I’m all for honestly when it comes to reviewing guests but as they seemed to be good guests in other ways. it’s a good idea to be careful about the review. (And you can always give them 1 star for obeying house rules).

Every host is different but to me, the cardinal sin is not leaving the place clean and tidy. Personally I wouldn’t mention the other things in detail but I might say (after mentioning their cleanliness) ‘… however there were one or two issues’.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me, just now. Seems neighbour was disturbed by my guests at night, more than a week ago, and he only told me, today.

Which is another reason to not write reviews the moment guests leave, but wait a bit. We have 14 days to write a review, after all.


I’d mention anything that is fact and leave out your feelings. If you know they parked on the lawn, and especially if it damaged the lawn, mention it. I don’t see why you can’t say “the neighbor complained of noise late at night.” That’s true, that’s your experience, I don’t see why that would get the review removed. Clearly cigs were found on the property it doesn’t matter who smoked them or where. Smoked cigarettes reek and it took me days to get the smell out of my waste bin. You should add to your no smoking rule.

As more and more people use Airbnb we are absolutely going to have to start disclosing bad behavior from guests in our reviews. It’s one of the main things that makes the model sustainable. Bad guests need to learn what is expected or leave the platform.


I would mention the cigarettes, unless your property is such that someone else could have left them. The noise I would mention in private feedback; just tell them the neighbor mentioned noise at 2am. I would add something about noise in the rules. We have quiet hours (which are the same for our LTR’s as well), and I also remind people that other renters live full time in the building and to be respectful if coming home late at night.

You can’t say this! It’s hearsay!

I stated in my review of my horrible New Years guests that my brother, who was hosting in my place, said they didn’t take their trash and backed down neighboring dfriveways when shown where to park. It was removed due to not being MY experience! I only got it reinstated after OFFICIALLY making my brother a co host. You absolutely positively cannot say that your neighbors saw anything. Take my word for it!

Be really careful. If you are not sure, look at their guidelines before you post it. I know from whence I speak.

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And by the way, Air double crossed me on this. Even though I opened a case on these guests, they “sympathized” but in the end sided with the losers. They would not even remove the offending portion of my review. I had to escalate to twitter to get any satisfaction.

I would even be careful saying you found butts so they must be smoking. That’s circumstantial. It’s best to keep it vague. Guests didn’t follow house rules and therefore I cannot recommend.


Yes if they are good guest guests I review straight away but if leave dirty or something seems off I don’t.

Definitely no one else could have it’s a fenced off suburban house. Unless they had friends around which in my rules it also says your not allowed. :sweat::sweat: