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First Airbnb Listing (Orlando Market)

Hey everyone!

I have been a Airbnb user for quite some time, and finally yesterday created my first listing and BOOM.

Already have three bookings and I am in business.

Any suggestions? I have attached the listing below.

I will admit I am still a bit worried about my apartment complex finding out.



Nick, if you’re worried about your apartment complex finding out, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

I wish you good luck but I imagine that you’re going to have problems down the line!

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Uhm, they are going to find out… That said, are most of the other owners actual residents? Other non-resident owners may not care.


Why are you worried? Is it against the CCRs? Are you the owner or a renter of the apartment?

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I can pretty much guess you will be caught. Most gated communities are very strict about subletting and short term stays. Since you are “worried” I think you suspect or know it is against the rules. I was in a gated community and we did Airbnb for 3 years until they found out and we had to stop. Only because I was a board member did they give us a one time pass with no fines. But, that was before Airbnb was so well known, back in 2010-13

Where did you go?

Yet another example of someone posting for advice and then disappearing. This is beginning to really piss me off!


I didn’t end up cancelling and she is currently at the apartment.


Hope it goes well. Turn IB off until you are used to using the platform!

Probably they don’t like the advice they asked for. This poster answered Kona but not the question here which was to look at the listing, and being worried about the listing being legal in his gated community which it probably isn’t. Silence on that question.

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