Firm vs. Strict vs. Non-Refundable

I’m interested in learning about other people’s experiences with these policies.

I have activated firm in one listing. I get bookings further out but I also get cancellations. I don’t mind the cancellations 30 days out as I often get a replacement booking at that time frame if it is a high-demand period. I view anything I get during low and shoulder seasons as a bonus. There are too many other people offering larger places at rates lower than mine during those seasons, and I don’t participate in the race to the bottom.

I like the non-refundable as the second option with the Firm policy as people can lock in some savings.

I’m thinking of doing away with the strict policy. There is not enough difference from the non-refundable policy. The possibility of losing 50% probably makes people think multiple times.

ps: I raise my minimum rates by 15% when offering the non-refundable policy. That way I’m not losing anything because of the 10% discount.

Non-refundable is of zero advantage to hosts. Guests choose it to get 10% off, then decide to cancel and don’t accept what “non-refundable” means, then go running to Airbnb which has been refunding many hosts’ non-refundable policy.


Because the Extenuating Circumstances Policy over ride’s everything is that the host has in place.
The guest just has to find the right rep who will fall to their side.