Finding the right Cleaning person

Hey guys! I have been cleaning my house after every gest and it’s starting to become to much work for me due to life it crazy! So my question is, was it hard finding a reliable cleaning lady? I want my house to me clean and set up with towels on the bed, waters in the fridge, hotel soap set up in bathrooms, and coffee bar reloaded, ect. I have heard some people take pictures of the set up along with a check list the cleaning lady can follow, is that a good idea? What are some of your strategies on ensuring you bnb ti set up right and how did you find the right person to do it?!

The hard part is finding someone who will work “on demand” rather than once a week or something. We do our own cleaning, but a photo or two of the set up along with a check-list is a good idea.


This has also been something I have struggled with. In fact I think it is the hardest part, we are only as good as our cleaner!

Over time I have written comprehensive documents that itemise the smallest things and I constantly update them. Just today a guest complained that the mops in the laundry smelt. Now I have asked that they are kept in the garage and I will update the document so that the next cleaner I employ knows to do this. Writing this document is a big job in the beginning, but it’s easy to update once you have written it and means that you are constantly improving your service.

I have a cleaner who is a member of many local mum’s Facebook groups. When I need someone she places the ad on a number of Facebook sites with my email. This position works well for mum’s of school aged children and retirees.

However, you or someone else need to regular “spot check”. Good luck.

  1. Yes you should have a clear check list of what you want done during each clean (some items may be less often) and how long it will take (you will know this from previous cleans you have done).

  2. Where will the cleaner get fresh bedding and towels, coffee, bathroom items, cleaning equipment?

  3. You can ask for before and after photos as an additional service

  4. I would suggest you have a rota of two or three local cleaners where you have taken up recent references and where you have a contract in place to cover expectations, payment terms etc

  5. You can ask your fellow local hosts for recommendations, advertise on local area social media, search online for local cleaners.

  6. You need to set up a calendar system for booking in their time.


I agree with all of the above. It’s also good to have two people job share, plus have one or two as emergency cleaners. I will reiterate: we are only as good as our cleaners.

They don’t smell if they are rinsed and dried. In fact they should never smell, as all those germs will be spread around the floor. I have a spinning bucket, and the mop is dried mop side up so the air can get to it.

Ours is also a spinning mop. We worked out that they must have used it to mop up the watering system water on the decking (as our previous conversation on another topic) and then stored them.

Constantly tweaking!

It seems like I have a new cleaner every 6 months or so. I have a hard time with a cleaner that is willing to do the quick change-overs (takes 1/2 hour) vs the deep cleaning. Also, they have to do it between check out and check in. As we speak I’m training a new cleaner. Since my space is small and changes 3-6 times a week it doesn’t get dirty. The problem is when I rely on the cleaner to do a change-over when I’m not home and then they don’t show.

I do the apartment prep because I am vain enough to think that no cleaner could do as good a job :wink:

However, I do have a ‘preparation manual’ which is online and password protected. This means that in an emergency, someone else would be able to prepare the apartment if I wasn’t able. The important thing about this is that you must make sure that it looks great and is fully readable on a phone. That way, the inexperienced prep person can have the information right there in front of them while they are working - no need to take bulky paperwork, iPad or laptop.


I manage 9 air bnbs. I have a cleaning service for cleaning but I do the rest myself. By that I mean I strip the linens and make the beds. I restock the towels, toilet paper, face wipes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, paper towels, trash bags, dish soap, coffee, creamer, sugar * etc. I would not want to solely rely on the cleaning service to assure things are as they should be. I feel more confident if I am actually in the apartment and seeing for myself that things are done correctly.


I really like that idea, I had never thought of password protected. I hate it when a cleaner gets a cheap flight to Bermuda and I had given them all my documents. I don’t want them going to work for someone else and benefiting from all my hard work on my documents.

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I am constantly employing cleaners, the job suits them for a while but as their kids older they want to earn more money. The only positive is that they often stay on as back up/emergency cleaners. I pay a minimum of $50 for a changeover as I don’t expect anyone to leave their home and go to work for less than that. Yesterday I had a discussion with one of my cleaners as to how she and the rest of them felt about the pay and she said it was more than fair, so that was nice to know.

Wow 9 Airbnb! I strive to be like you! How long did it take you to get that far? I also have a 3 family and want to continue to grow my portfolio! If you have any tip of the trade feel free to send my way!

I started in September 2017. At that time there were two completed and one partially completed. I opened the 9th one in August 2018. As I said, I manage them but do not own them. It takes about 2 months to get one up and running. What started out to be a part-time job is now anything but that. I am averaging about 30 hours a week now. That does not count the “on call time” having the phone 24/7. I have to turn the rings off at 11 PM or I would not get any sleep!

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I LOVE this mop - the large surface area cuts mopping time enormously, and the mop covers can be washed/sterilized between uses.