Finally, my first booking with children....nope, not this time either

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I more or less have the house rules you suggest. But if they don’t read them it doesn’t matter what they say.

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Yes it does! It gives you a reason to cancel!


@NordlingHouse what I meant was it doesn’t matter if I change it to your wording. I already have a limit, I already have rules that say not suitable for children, no visitors and limit of two people. It didn’t matter because she booked for one anyway.

And I already canceled. Thanks for you input anyway.

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Yes, the Ikea Malm dresser incident!

My house rules say that children are welcome but the house is NOT toddler proofed and the guest is sole responsible for their children on the premises, and by booking they discharge me of any responsibility for accidents.

I say my home has hazards for young children including but not limited to: unsupervised swimming pool, electrical outlets, low tables with sharp corners, furniture that is not attached to the wall, balconies with railings, glass decoration objects, household cleaning products.

I’m not sure that, if an incident that caused harm occurred, the above would carry much weight, especially under Spanish law.


Glad to see you canceled. My listing is similar - max 2 adults, no children or infants, no pets. Every once in a while I get a request “can we bring an infant?” (no), “can I bring my 5 year old daughter,” etc. I always refer them to the HR and say not suitable. I have a pool and live on a canal and although the pool area is screened in, the seawall doesn’t have a fence (splash!). I also get the “my teenage son can sleep on the floor.”

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I have to thank the forum members for talking sense into me. I’m lucky that she was over the guest limit and I could use that basis to cancel. I don’t think I have any grounds to discriminate against people with children so the limit of 2 and small room is a lifesaver.

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it always amazes me when people don’t count their children, as if they were suitcases! in this case your place clearly says 2 people and the woman plus 2 kids = 3 people. besides she didn’t read that your place was not suitable for children? Jeez, i’m glad you canceled her.

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heh heh I’m sure they will lol. This is the best reason to not host kids - the entitled parents!

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I have also asked Airbnb to cancelled booking because the guest told me a child was part of the group. I mention in my house rules that it isn’t safe for under 12s and have ticked the box to say no children and Airbnb were fine about it.

In both cases there was a parent with a child and Airbnb were fine, as I had mentioned that I don’t take under 12s for safety reasons.


You’ve forgotten that Airbnb withdraws its “insurance” if your listing says “not suitable for…” and you allow the booking. My case was with “infants”, but I can only guess that they would do the same with under-12s.

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What do you consider a “child”?
I would book a “not suitable for children” listing with my 8yo.

Oh, and if she would know there are dogs, she would probably force me to book your place… :rofl:

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You’re right, I had forgotten and several members here reminded me. However, they also don’t cover pets and I allow pets and will continue to do so. But the potential for damage and problems is much greater with a human. I was really more concerned with it being two toddlers (and exceeding my limit). One person cannot have both eyes on the tiny humans at all times if there are two of them.

I’ve check marked Airbnb’s arbitrary boxes so anything under 12. However, I agree that there’s a huge difference between a 3 and an 8 year old “child.” I’ve previously accepted bookings from singles traveling with one “child.” In a couple of cases I didn’t know the age of the child and they turned out to be an adult! Another mom was clearly with her under 12 but they booked and then drove a different route at the last minute. Hence I said “finally” as thought, briefly, I was really going to do it.

I almost told this woman, when she mentioned taking the kids to the park, that perhaps her kids could meet the dogs. I’m always happy to have people meet the dogs and I like supervised and proper socializing kids to dogs while they are young. If you are ever out in far west TX, USA, you and your 8 year old are welcome here. But only the two of you, there’s a limit of two.

(PSA: if anyone is reading…stop letting your kids put their faces in the dogs face, it’s not cute, it’s dangerous! Stop putting your baby on top of your dog! It’s dangerous! Thank you)

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I say no children as well, and say that I don’t have anything kid friendly, no crib, no child protection stuff… I tell them that I have a very large, yet very friendly, dog (125lbs) that knocks over my nephew when he visits… That my dog is so overly friendly that he follows the kids and usually always takes them down w excitement
That works about 70% of the time.
But really, if I state that my place is NOT appropriate for younger kids… Why are they even given the option to book or request?

While I was surprised initially, that you took the booking, I figured that after 500 reviews, you were looking for the next Everest to climb. But I see that you’ve recovered from Altitude sickness and cancelled.

I agree with:

I have a clear no children policy, primarily because there is direct access to a swimming pool, and no matter how conscientious the parents might be, its not a risk I’m willing to take; secondarily is many of the walls are rough-hewn textured block … not very kid friendly.

Baby Steps KKC … maybe tweens before toddlers.

LOL. Hopefully it will be another 2 years before anyone asks to violate the no kid policy.

Just as a counterpoint…just had a family with a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old spend nine days in my one-bedroom apartment (with Murphy bed in living room). Not only did they not complain about the space, they left it cleaner than anyone has, ever. Including me! I’m not sure how you weed out the good families from the bad, but it can be just fine.


Absolutely. Stereotypes don’t work for individuals. If I had a larger space suited to families I would adapt it and list it accepting children.

I’d much rather be under Spanish law than US law.

As would I. The point I was making is that you can’t abrogate your responsibilities (liabilities?) towards paying guests by such a simple disclaimer. Householder liability towards anyone who is on their premises is quite onerous here.


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