Filling out rental application

Does anybody lease a property and rent it out for Airbnb?

I understand that some people do it, but as a landlord I would immediately evict any tenant that did this in one of my properties.
There are huge issues with insurances, wear and tear and legality of the STR itself.


Sure. However this is a forum of mostly experienced hosts and properties owners. The majority here support following the law (but fighting it if unfair of course.) We believe you should follow the terms of your lease and if subleasing isn’t explicitly permitted you shouldn’t do it.

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Agree with above. Other than the obvious legal ramifications with the property owner if sub letting is not allowed, one of the biggest concerns for me would be the lack of public liability insurance. Any policy, including the Airbnb one, would likely be voided if you were indeed breaking the terms of the lease.


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Anyone using Airbnb against the landlord, local authorities, HOA rules, condo laws or Airbnb’s own regulations is doing a disservice to those of us who do everything properly.

No, we don’t. Do you have a particular question?

And to the other people that replied - it’s no wonder we’ve acquired a reputation for jumping all over people. All the replies seem to presume the OP is going to break the terms of their lease.

Waiting with bated breath to find out the other reason(s) they asked.

Isn’t this a particular question? “Does anybody lease a property and rent it out for Airbnb?” Also the title of the thread “filling out rental application” seems like they are thinking of sub leasing.

BTW, this is a big thing and is probably going to get bigger before it gets smaller.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond. The landlord and I both agreed that on the terms. I have done my research and know all rules with airbnb. I also respect every landlords decision to not do business with subleases. As far as insurance, I do provide my own insurance on top of the landlords insurance. Everybody is always and will be protected. But it is obvious that this forum isn’t the most positive for me to ask questions. Again, I thank you and have a great day!

So you don’t have a question, just a complaint about the forum? Hmm, sorry. I’m sure there are forums exclusively for the rental arbitrage crowd, it’s a booming business and lots of “how to” articles online.

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You will need to have thicker skin to use this forum… It takes a while to get used to us but if you are new to hosting this is a valuable asset.

Welcome to the forum.


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And you need an even thicker skin to be a host. :slight_smile:

We may come across as grumpy sometimes but it’s tough love.