Few important question about fee

Hi guys,

How much AirBNB take in % ?
Second, I checked few options and I saw that there is a Service fee in part of the apartments.
Is the service fee is belong to me or belong to AirBNB?

Third, how much you will take just to build 5 accounts in airbnb?
i need 4 rooms and one intire home
without manage.

Thank u so much

Looking at the other topics your opened, I think your are getting into something you will not be able to handle.

AirBnB takes 3% from the host and 10% from the guest.

You do not want to build 5 accounts, it will be impossible to manage 5 accounts.
You want to make 1 account with 5 listings. How much time it takes to create a listing is all up to you. A basic listing can be made in 15 minutes. A good listing takes several hours to make.

Plus at first, you’ll need to tweak it often.

You need to keep tweaking it.

AirBnB takes into account the last change date when rating it for the search.
If zou do not update your listing for several months you will end up with a lower search ranking.

Yes i know. if anothe one will manage it… and i will just build the listing. 5 of them.
How much I need to ask ?

For creating listing? It takes few minutes.

You want to charge for building the listing?

Everyone wants to make money with AirBNB without doing all that pesky laundry, hair removal, and cleaning.

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I think you are in over your head already. :smile:


guys. what i want to ask is that if tomorrow me and the manager of the apartment seperate. so… I need to bring him the list ?! no right ?
I need to sell it. So that’s was my question. How much is it only to build the ccont and all the 5 listing?