Fellow AirBnb Hosts, how am I doing?

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I am relatively new to Airbnb so I am just looking for some constructive feedback on my listings from some people in the know. I currently have four listings on Airbnb and I’d love to know how would you improve them. Do you think what’s being offered is clear? Do you like the naming concept? Are there too many/not enough photos? It’s a beautiful area with a lot to give and I like to think the listings do it justice. Your thoughts are welcomed and warmly received :slight_smile: Thanks!

Three of the listings allow individual booking of the safari tents on my property which you can access from here:


The fourth allows guests to book all three together:

I had a look at the first one and think it is fabulous! However, the rate looks high until you see that it is all inclusive. Can you make that MUCH more prominent?

Nice places. Really. As a writer, the problem that I have is that your entire description of The Space is one hugemongous paragraph, and the reader can’t take a breath without getting lost!! Please use the “blank line between paragraph” writing style so that people will actually read past the first two lines!!!

Nice photos, and the place looks gorgeous. However, I too feel that your prices are outrageously high, Even if it is All Enclusive. This IS Costa Rica. Been there have some understanding of prices, etc. Not the same as Los Angeles or London or Miami – and that is the price you seem to be charging. I’m a chef and understand food costs, and the cost of a reasonable chef and sous chef. As a Personal Chef, I would not charge $250 per day to buy the food and cook for your guests and

It just seems that you’re taking your guests for a lot for than necessary. Nothing wrong with making a profit, but it seems to me you’re limiting your guest list to the rich and famous. — Angelinos or Miamians or Londoners would pay that but not average folks taking a tropical adventure. For that kind of money they can stay in a Hilton. I can go there, spend half that or less per day, and have an equal quality experience.