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Feeling Guilty - Miss Scrooge?


Feeling a tad guilty. We had Aussie sisters staying with us 3 nights, this morning they were supposed to fly to Amsterdam to spend Xmas there. However the younger sister had a bug and she didnt want to travel, so they cancelled the flight. I nudged my snoring partner to get it up to see what was going on, as it was now 7am and I wondered why on earth they were still in the apt when there flight was at 7.30am. Anyway to cut a long story short the older sister explained matters and asked could they check out later in the afternoon to give them time to find another place (the sick sister had went back to bed at this stage), (They didnt ask us could they book the room again, but we have 5 days blocked of over xmas anyway, so if they checked they would of saw this- however during our previous conversations a couple of days before, i’d told them we didnt have any other guests till day before new yrs eve). My partner was straight with her and explained that checkout was 11am, as it was xmas eve we had other plans, which we do. When he came and told me what he said I cringed. I mean its Christmas time and its like i’m being a Scrooge by not letting them stay!
Anyway I got up to get ready to talk to them, to offer help in finding them other accomodation, but by the time I got ready they were away. They told my partner they had got a hotel close by. Now all well and good, but I feel really awful theyre having to spend their Xmas day in a hotel, when all of Belfast basically shuts down over Xmas. Would you invite them for Christmas day Lunch or would the Air message I sent to show concern be enough?


I’m going to be honest here i would maybe ask them over for xmas lunch if you are open to it… being from that side of the world myself - NZ - and currently living in the UK with no family nor close friends its really hard time of the year. Amsterdam is a fun city its a pity!


Hey Kirsty_Jane, I did already, but no reply as yet, as I wouldnt leave them like that, and its Xmas after all. The girls kept themselves to themselves during the 3 days, so I dont think anyway theyd want to, but at least the offers there if they change their mind :slight_smile: Amsterdam is great! The older sister seemed really disappointed she couldnt get going:( Not nice being sick, but they had a bucket full of drink the night before, so i’m sure that didnt help! If I was the younger sister (19) I would of just boarded the flight then took it easy in Amsterdam and let the older sister enjoy a new city, but hey!


Ps: Merry Christmas to you! x


Merry Christmas to you too x


Ok, Sunshine, let me get this straight… They were supposed to check out when you have an incoming guest and asked for late check out, because it appears they were drinking and hungover? Check out time is check out time and I’m sure everyone is sorry someone got “sick” ( are you sure she wasn’t hungover?) but you have no reason whatsoever to feel guilt over these guests leaving at the agreed upon check out time. That they missed their flight and have to stay in a hotel is regrettable but not your problem! Remember this is a business. These guests were actually asking you to accommodate them for free. Do you think the airlines gave them a free changed flight without charging a fee? I doubt they felt guilty.

I think she was hungover and not sick.

You are too nice. Once I say goodbye to the guests, I’m done. My contract for services provided has ended.

Merry Christmas to all!


I find it difficult drawing the line between being host, being friend, and honestly, being mom. ; )

The situation is regrettable, but there’s no guilt involved. If a hotel had a booking for the room you were in, they might be sympathetic, all while drawing up your bill and wishing you well…


Depending on your culture I know in the U.S. the girls most likely don’t want to hang out with you unless you bonded during their three nights. But you said they mostly kept to themselves. So it was a nice gesture on your part. And if the girl really did get a bug and not just hungover she will prob. want to lay in a hotel rooom all day anyway


Hello konacoconutz, merry Christmas to you, if you celebrate it lol
No id no other guests staying, but id the calender blocked as i had family over for xmas…But they wanted to stay till afternoon to get a hotel sorted, but when my partner said about the check out time, they seemed to get a hotel sorted within the hr.
They thanked me for the offer of the xmas day feast, but declined this morning as the sister seemly still wasnt feeling the best…

All good :slight_smile:


Same here, a few guests have said i’m like a mummy to them, even though theyve been 20 yrs older lol…


I do celebrate Christmas, and LOL, I think I had a bit of a hangover on Cmas morning… mainly because I am NOT a big drinker and my son and I overindulged the night before! So like your guest (in all likelihood) I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday due to having two glasses of wine and a margarita, and forgetting the bad result of mixing wine with tequila. ughhh. :frowning:


Oh Dear lol…i’m feeling kinda queasy myself today, 3 days drinking in a row wasnt a good idea! Detox until New Yrs Eve lol Happy New Year to you! :cocktail:

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