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Feeling guilty about giving a poor review



I didn’t know there was such a thing - that would be genius! Our local convenience store plays classical music and no kids remain. Ahh, what good music they are missing … Lol


Jacquo, I am in a slow period. This guest had 5 positive reviews. But she did not respect my check out time. In fact over her 2 months here, she got on my nerves. She said she didn’t like a friend of mine, and that Co workers said there were cheaper places. You catch my drift.
I was up north for Christmas She deliberately exited through a guest door despite me expressly being asked not to do so - it’s his room!

I will apologise to the guest. Then I will revisit my rules and pricing. I own this and it feels rotten. But at least I can do something about it.

Cheers luv!


The tea time comment is because I don’t drink. But you can bet that some host somewhere needs a drink!


I have never given a guest a bad review. I’ve never had a really bad guest, either. Occasionally I get a messy guest, or they do minor things I don’t like, but I just let it go. I don’t review them. Sometimes they leave a great review, and then I thank them. You can always send them a private message without posting it in a review. Of course, if it’s a major transgression other hosts need to know.


Thanks for nothing. Just out of spite I refuse to ever answer any of your questions on this forum.


You do know this is called air hosts forum?

People who don’t accurately review guests make Hosting harder for all of us. Similar to the crazy guests who say “I don’t believe in five star ratings for anything” and guests who give a bad review because their perceived needs were not met, despite being enumerated in the house rules, A passive aggressive decision by a host to not let others know how a guest acted hurts us in many ways.

The Hosting community deserves respect. Failing to give that is hurtful and selfish.


Oh, so sorry! I thought “forum” meant we were all free to share our opinions and experiences.
Guess not!


Oh yes, it is. You share your feelings and we also get to share ours.


Ok, fair enough. I just wasn’t prepared for the nasty response I got, especially from someone with K9 and Karma in their name!


Yeah, it’s ironic. But hosts who don’t bother to review are a major pet peeve of mine. I always like to have an online handle that’s nothing like my real personality so that if I get into a disagreement with someone they can comment on my name. Extra internet fun.


I’ve fixed this issue so no one is misled again.

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