Feedback on expedia

I started a few months ago.

I got my third booking last days, I am happy with the clients that I received. We will see in the future

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m a little “down” on Expedia these days!

They bought out VRBO and are now the ones making changes to that previously great platform and charging outrageous fees.

Im confused. Which is Expedia?

Funny that you call Expedia small. They are huge in the corporate travel arrangement market. Major corporations use them exclusively to purchase plane, hotel, and other travel services.,_Inc.


When listing with expedia you are listing with dozens of place including

Yes, they are likely the largest travel company in the world. They own other sites, as well under their “umbrella”.

EDIT: @smtucker I just checked your link - I knew they owned and Hotwire, but didn’t know they had bought Orbitz and Travelocity. It looks like they pretty well own the traveling market!

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Just a bit player. :wink:

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Yeah! E-X-P-E-D-I-A… the new way to spell monopoly.

I’m thinking about signing up to Expedia. Was the sign up process about the same as
Does Expedia take payments or do hosts organise payment?
How do you find managing several different websites. Or do you use a channel manager?

We only have 1 property and so far I am on Stayz (Australian homes), Airbnb and As it isn’t very busy continuously I can manage blocking days off myself.
Just really keen to get more bookings and that may mean greater exposure?


I sign up on expedia and was contact by a sales for the signing process.
You have to take care of payments.
I am using a channel manager .

We have only one property.
We have around 1 booking per month from them but everytime was great with high price.

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