February Bookings slow?

Is February typically a slow month? I have gotten no bookings at all for this month so far, defintely the slowest period I have seen since I started in October.

It all depends on where you’re located. If you’re in the southern hemisphere this is your prime season! If you’re a host in a northern climate that isn’t a skiing destination it’s very common to be quiet this time of year. (It’s so quiet for me in N. Michigan that I just close shop Nov-April)

When you have a dry spell with bookings it’s also a good idea to search for your property (after logging out, or in a private browser) to verify you’re still showing up in search results. There’s a slight chance something went wonky with their systems - better to catch it early :wink:


We are significantly slower in February even at rock bottom prices. I do think since the introduction of Plus in our area we aren’t getting as many views despite having almost 250 reviews and having maintained Superhost since we started. It’s a good time to do repairs, painting, upgrades, etc.

Here in SW Florid we’re I High Season. February has only 1 night open (anybody interested?).

It helps if you tell us where you are and what sort of property you list :slight_smile: In Australia even though the school holidays are over I am fully booked through February.

I just started in August. In November and December I was booked at 78% occupancy. In January, things slowed a lot. I ended up having 42% occupancy, and most of the bookings were last minute. February has been even slower than January. So far, our occupancy rate is 15%. I expect it may be like January and slowly rise with more last minute bookings. My three AirBnB listings are all single family houses that sleep from 6 to 10 people.

I’m in an area that doesn’t offer much in the way of tourist attractions. We are cold here now, but not a ski or winter sports activity place. Most people come here for work, or to visit family. In good weather, we get a few more people traveling for tourism reasons, but right now two of our major tourist draws (Henderson Hall and Blennerhassett Island) are closed. This time of year we get cold weather, lots of rain, and small amounts of snow.

This might be a better question for your city’s host community.