Fast track to the ABB tech team?

We seem to have an issue with reviews not saving and/or posting. Not sure if it’s happening on both sides, but once I write my review and it says it’s saved, I go back and everything is blank. When I called CS about this, they said all was fine, they could see the review. But now that the 14 day window has passed for the first guest I noticed it with, it in fact did not work and that guest still has zero reviews.

Anyway, this is obviously a huge issue for us, especially if we’re also not receiving reviews (it seems odd based on my experience that our last two guests haven’t left reviews, especially because both of them messaged right after/during checkout to say they had a great time, and one is planning to come back).

Does anyone know the best way to get on tech support’s radar ASAP? I can’t rely on regular CSRs.

You can’t contact the tech team directly @MelissaMH. What did customer services say when you told them your review wasn’t published.

You could try them on social media if customer services haven’t been able to provide an answer.

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Thanks Helsi. When I first noticed the issue (that the review wasn’t saving) they told me it was fine. When I called again they said “I’m going to have to look into this”. I also submitted a message via email and it was the same thing - still no response. One of our listings is still relatively new so we really need every review we can get! Not to mention, I know there’s a calculation with SuperHost where you have to get X% of reviewed stays (can’t remember the number).

Appreciate the social idea, I’ll probably try that too :slight_smile:

Double check… I think they deleted that.

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Yes that was removed at the last quarter for sure.

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You’re right! Phew! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Is it possible you submitted the review from an “old” browser window?

I have an ongoing issue with both messaging and reviews. If I logged into Airbnb and then walked away for some period of time, it’s like the session isn’t active anymore. On a smarter platform, I believe it would have booted me to a logout screen. But Airbnb isn’t that smart - it will let me compose and send messages, leave reviews, change my listing info…except none of that is saved. It’s like a phantom session.

When I start again from a newly opened browser window, freshly logged into Airbnb - no problem. Things save.

Super annoying, but within my control to manage.

Anyway, to your original question: there’s no fast track to them, so go through the CS agents.

They’ll try 10 idiotic solutions; be patient and keep on them to escalate or solve it.

As an example: I wanted to require a 3-day booking for the Labor day weekend. Their rule sets weren’t working and the CS agent’s solution was to block Sunday checkouts entirely - for every single weekend :roll_eyes:…you can’t believe someone is such an idiot until they bring that to you as a solution. You might have to say “that’s not a reasonable work-around. You still haven’t solved my issue.” multiple times until they escalate to the tech team.

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Thanks for this! I think this is what happened to me on the one time (that I noticed) a review didn’t post. As an aside, I called CS and they said they would not let me repost the review as the 14 days had expired. No surprise there…

Thanks guys - I still have no idea what’s going on, but I guess my submissions worked. When I review on my iPhone, and Save a draft it shows. But when I save a draft on my computer, everything is blank upon returning. Only a slight annoyance, since it is actually working I suppose!

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