Fancy Destination type listing

Honestly, I can’t stop raving about it. If my husband and I ever have that California road trip we’ve been talking about we will be there!

The link works! Thanks.

Karma and Catgrrl,
You should come and Beta test for me.
We are going to be doing that pretty quick it looks like
Its so funny@##*##@!

does 142.00$ sound ok::

Glamping Hub is going to feature us in host spotlight special article and photography!!!


That’s exciting! Congratulations!

Yes it’s quite exciting! We have a guest from them coming right the weekend before. ( In mid April)

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Well, we have our ninth guest here tonight. The 1st was January 20 (2019). The total earned before any taxes taken out is over 3200. That includes 500 for a tv show production interview with a geologist haha. So we are quite HAPPY.
In general the guests have been wonderful, quiet, kind to trailer and not great communicators. A few we have taken on nature walks.
Almost seems like no high price ceiling with these mostly young couples in white Bmws paying above 200 for 1 night after airbnbn fees…

Just an update for you, thanks again to this forum for all your help!!

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What an amazing place you have there! Great photos (which are very important - you need to show off what you have to offer). Have you thought about adding a video to your listing? GIve’s potential guests a 360 look at your pad!

Make sure you provide plenty of info about your location - you have the best of both worlds by the sound of it (nature and serenity on the doorstep, but withing striking distance of attractions and nightlife).

Certain guests will be looking for tech and cutting edge amenities, but I wouldn’t get caught up on that if your place doesn’t have the usual WiFi etc. Use your storytelling ability to paint a picture of your rental as a retreat - a place to get away from the constant ping of a email and the torrent of social media that demands our attention.

Best of luck with your venture.