Fancy Destination type listing

I’m looking forward to seeing it. It seems that it will be really cool.

Sounds like for you this project is the journey, not the destination. :wink:

Life of its own project**
In my defense, Yes it has taken a long time, but much was needed and accomplished: new floor and subfloor, custom; remodeled bathroom with all custom tiles shelves etc; retouch and sand golden shellac all woodwork, cabinets, walls and ceiling; all textiles sewn by me also including cases, duvet covers, pillows and multiple curtain sets because the outside bed and gazebo are curtained. Also; custom, by me, building of the loveseat, table and bed; 2 sets custom steps; it has just gone on and on as I think of the real and desired stuff to make it perfect…
Mostly all above just by me although my dh did ride like a knight in shining armor and fix a broken window that blew out in a windstorm!! Not to mention other time consuming things like my freelance job and family trips and other time intrusions;0 fyi our very rare trailer had good value when it left Louisiana, gained value 10k after crossing into California, and now still worthy of the rest of the investment moolah<><>
Being a designer and stylist by trade helps but not in the thoroughness department:) We had a party a couple weeks ago and they all loved it!

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I think the Dwell vacation listing site is a possibility also.

Would you be willing to share a few tantalizing photos with us. Or if not willing to do that could you PM me some? But I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see them.

I would be happy to upload a few photos but I have no idea how. I thought it wasn’t possible or not allowed as I have never noticed any photo sharing other than an actual listing<><>

Karma I just sent you some photos.

when you hit reply, you should see some items above where you type. in red, I’ve circled what you click on to add pictures.



Thanks for your interest, HH AZ enjoy!

Glamping at its best. Looks fantastic. I see why you are so proud. My location guess (based on the rock formations) that it’s in Simi Valley? If so, when you do post, don’t forget to direct people to nearby Reagan Library.

Thanks for your thumbs up on my perseverance<><>Not quite as far as Simi Valley, but high in the Simi Hills.

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Such a gorgeous view.

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Beautiful! I would think you should easily get $150 in your area for your set-up!!!

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YOWZA @gypsy!! That is spectacular! You did it up RIGHT! I am only charging $88 per night in my market - I think you could get much more than $150. It is not just a bed and a roof like a lot of apartment rentals. This is a Home and an Experience rolled up into one. Brava!!

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Hi Catskills Grrl!!
Thanks for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. I am inputting my listing right now but it is still all next 3 months blocked. Seems to have gone pretty smoothly. I just published it!!! :slight_smile: Its called Tiny Tiki Trailer Zone
Chatsworth CA
… not sure how or if its going to come up… I just opened up 4 days… Nov 1st

I found it by searching Chatsworth, LA, CA. by narrowing by date, Nov 1-4 and by price $100-200 it came up 4th. I have a question though…there is a new host boost. It appears you are going to get just one booking with your boost? If so, that’s a waste. BTW, no one knows how long it lasts but guesses are that it’s just a few weeks.

Karma thanks! I will be opening up the future dates as much as possible as soon as I can.

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It’s just gorgeous and I wish I had some reason to book it. I love everything about it.

Karma You are too kind!!
I just opened up some more weekends so hopefully I will get a guest-stay during the boost period. SCARY, Gotta finish it NOW, my hands are shaking!!!
how to put a link???

seems to work

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