Fancy Destination type listing

We are going to launch our vacation rental soon. It is a private zone (2 vintage trailers, shady gazebo + large patio) with a wide open view and all beautifully curated unusual “designer” interior and exterior spaces. It is highly private and serene in a very near nature setting. But we are also close to Los Angeles. ie 1 1/2 hrs to Disneyland 45 to Universal City, as well as local shopping, bars etc.

We are hoping to get bookings in the 150.00+ range. Will sleep 3. But more sleeping spaces available like an outside curtained bed, kids area etc.

We may also allow for small events and or photo shoots.
Any thoughts much appreciated.

my thought is: what is the question?



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My question is bathrooms? Toilet? How do you deal with waste?

I was just putting it out to you all. My questions being do you think this could attract the desirable/ adventurous/ well -heeled guests, and from your perspective what type of pitfalls to expect. There is a regular toilet, hot water and shower, and full kitchen. A/C both trailers and full electricity. Thinking of supplying hotspot, speakers, and smallish tv with local channels and for for streaming. Nature trails 150’ from the rental. Did I mention the mil $ view?

Frankly I can’t see “vintage trailers” attracting ‘well heeled’ adventurous guests, regardless of million dollar views and “curated” (whatever that means in this connection) designer interior decoration (not what I would expect – if I’m renting ‘vintage’, I want retro-vintage decor).

No WiFi?? Small TV with local only channels? This is the 21st century. Guests are going to expect at the very least good WiFi and a 32" TV.

Do you live on site, or is this a remote location for you too? How/who is check-in/check-out going to be handled? Cleaning?

Hows are you going to handle people who want to rent your place and throw a mega-mountain-bash for 50 of their closest stoner and boozehound friends? Jimmy Buffet’s song Gypsies In The Castle comes to mind…


Unless it’s very unusual and/or super upscale, that price point is waaaaaaaay too high.

You might check out Glamping Hub. I’m not Glamping but I have had a couple of guests off thi s platform. Could be a better fit.

I’ve seen some pretty high-end trailer experiences and I think the $150 could be spot on depending on what you’re actually considering high-end. Here is one in L.A. with fantastic reviews and lots of them.

@KenH As for a trailer needing to be cliche retro … No. That’s only one niche of the travel trailer, tiny house, post-modern housing phenom. Lots of folks out there into design-driven travel experiences.

L.A. Roof top travel trailer. $300 a night.

I have a friend who searches for RVs and tiny houses to rent whenever she travels. She just loves these things, and often finds them on AirBNB. However, she travels around Texas [mostly.]

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Thanks very much for all of your replies.
I have looked into most of the “competition” ie vintage trailer rentals around Los Angeles, and ours will be above and beyond those trailers in the back yard with a few chairs nearby. Our goal is to BE very unusual and super upscale btw.

just fyi Airstreams are very nice and they are the Mercedes’ of the vintage trailer world. Ours is a 1954 Spartan, ( = Bentleys’) which were built in a high tech for its time aircraft facility owed by J. Paul Getty. I am hoping even among the ( huge and growing) vintage trailer afficionado crowd there will be some interest. And for the most part the restoration and decor is designer 1950’s true. It is however only 360 square feet of well designed interior all wood finished with multiple cabinets and storage, plus 120 sq ft shade structure + 650 sq ft patio with upscale outdoor furniture.
We have an acre and will be on site in our beautiful view home 50 yards away. Check in -out will be in person, I am thinking of using drop off -pick up fluff and fold for laundry services.
Design driven travel yes-- no crazy parties allowed!!! can I post a photo


You cannot stream on a hotspot. Trust me, I have tried. It is intermittent at best.

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We do not have a telephone line up here and run everything off of a Verizon 4glite thingy. We have excellent reception. Sounds dinosauric or dumb, but that’s what it is. Pandora, for example works great. Connecting videos from laptop to tv is easy, we have enjoyed concerts on youtube that way. To each their own…

But I plan to advertise our space as more relaxed and unplugged than hi tech metropolitan.

All input appreciated!

You can’t ask people to input when you aren’t providing a link to your listing.

Bottom line is we can’t know how much money you can make . You need to carry out your own market research to find out what your competitors are charging for comparable properties to help benchmark what you should charge.

With a niche property like yours it’s all about how you market it.

What type of guests are visiting comparable trailers of this type? This will help you understand your target market.

As others have said there are a range of listing companies you can use some who specialise in your sort of property, so don’t just look at Airbnb.

Actually this listing is 10 minutes from San Francisco in Mill Valley Ca.
I think it’s awesome :heart:

So since this year old thread has been resurrected, I’m curious. Did you get your listing up and running @gypsy? I assume so, so how is it going?

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It would help if you provided some pictures, if not the listing. With the limited information you provided, it would seem that you are competitive in pricing.

With that said, and having lived in Los Angeles for many years, I’ll state that it really is all about location. You could be within the distances you describe but if your surrounding area isn’t ideal, then it might be problematic.

Some Los Angeles Campers:

And THANK YOU! Helsi for having resurrected this old thread. I will see about listing the Treehouse at the site Kona mentioned.


Hi Everyone!

The other trailers are surely awesome and I hope very popular, because mine will be listed here and on Glamping Hub in the near future. I have some gorgeous pics in hand (pro) and ready.

I think we will be able to lure some “staycationer” guests from the LA area, because it feels far out, its not really that accessible to Hollywood especially if you want a party scene and stay out late.

The project though very enjoyable has taken more than 2 years now. Thanks Karma for thinking it should be done by now, all my friends think so too, just the kick in the b— I need to finalize my dream…
Our location is about 1 hour from downtown LA and quite spectacular, if I may say so. I know where the one is in Mill Valley, it was put into their yard by crane!
I LOVE this forum, am hooked, read everything and have learned so much:) THANKS!!!