Famous guests! Have you had one?

No need to name names, but how did it go?

I just had one–best guest ever. Didn’t meet him/her–because I offered privacy above all–but it was like this person was never even here (though I know they were.)

Anyone else have good/bad stories?

We hosted the adult child of a famous person. The guest was lovely, polite, appreciative and great to have around.

I think the best way to keep the benefits of a famous guest is to keep their stay private. I’m sure they value that highly.

Not super duper famous but we have had one actor/dancer coming through on a national tour as well as one America’s Idol contestant. I met them when they checked in, had no issues with either then left them alone. One was a two day booking, one was for 9 days.
I wish I had a fun story for you. I will admit to lurking their social media on the offshot of seeing a pic of my place but no.


Not yet. I’ve had several who want to be: aspiring filmmakers, actors, comedians, TV broadcast personalities who were passing through on their way to LA. So maybe I’ll have a “I hosted them before they were famous” story eventually. They’ve all been fantastic guests. I had a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader trying to hit the big time. Another wants to be a comic/actor/sports broadcaster. He was very friendly, we chatted and he did take a selfie of the two of us and put it on his facebook. We were facebook friends awhile and exchanged a few jibes there about our fantasy football teams but at some point he unfriended me. He probably saw one of my vile anti-Trump rants. LOL.


I think the closest I’ve come is my cleaning lady was cleaning and doing the laundry for a famous person’s son for a while. She said he was very nice and smoked pot. Not exactly tabloid material. :smile:

Alright since no names were involved.
One of my sort of famous people did contact me two days into tha stay to say my k cup machine was broken. I appologized and brought him a new one within 20 minutes. He then wrote me to explain he was sorry. the first one worked fine he simply had not read the directions. A bit facepalmy but really not that bad. He was more than a little embarrased.

What is this? Famous but shouldn’t be? Isn’t as famous as they think they are?

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We havr had a few. All were great. Had a similar incident as @Wenchkin. Famous person said Dyson fan was broken, immediately bought a new one, new one was never opened and famous person admitted to just not plugging it in.


Incorrect words use due to not being properly caffinated. I had intended to write sort of. Pseudo is harsh in a way not intended. I should fix that.

LOL. Okay. I thought maybe it was a new hipster term I didn’t know.

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Ha! I’m guilty as well.

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I had a famous person/historical political person on vacation with her grand children. She was horrible. Treated me like a personal assistant/travel agent.

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Gosh, my interest level is piqued!

We had a local celebrity - a weatherman from one of our local TV stations and his daughter.

We also had a model from LA. I’ve written about her on this forum before. She want a good fit.

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The only famous guest I ever had was the star of her own You Tube channel. :grimacing::upside_down_face::joy::rofl:And yes she sent me the link to it before arriving, and No I didn’t watch it!