Family Collection/Work Collection worth anything?

I’m just wondering if either the Family Collection or Host Collection helps getting more bookings, etc.

In my listing, I had a room that was “convertible” so that it could be used as either an office or a bedroom. There was a futon that could be made into a queen-size bed along with a small desk that could be used by a business-traveler with a laptop. I had planned to buy a nice office-chair for the desk so I could join the work collection, but never got the chance.

Unfortunately, I had some guests recently that damaged some furniture so I replaced the queen-futon with a very nice queen-size bed and kept the same desk. It’s a huge upgrade from the futon for sleeping, but as a frequent international business traveler, and a person that has stayed in my own Airbnb, the space is not as great of a place to work as it was before when the futon could be made into a couch.

I could re-arrange another room and spend maybe US$300-$400 to create a nice workspace for business travelers, but I don’t know if it would be worth the extra cost and time, especially since it seems unlikely that business travelers will want to rent an entire 4-bedroom house.

Also, I just had my second guest family checkout yesterday and they left me a glowing 5-star review. Before this guest checked in, Airbnb’s “progress” said I needed 1 more review from a “family” to join the Family Collection, but after they left the review, it still says I need 1 more review. This guest met the requirement which was to have a child under 12 years old and I’m not sure why the review wasn’t counted. Should I even care?

Those designations can’t hurt, only help. I would try to qualify for the family collection if I had a 4 bedroom home.

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Have you seen how tiny some New York City hotel rooms are? If you can meet the Work criteria, go for it. Your photos will show the room arrangements.

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I have the work designation but can’t get the family because they don’t have access to a full kitchen. I figured the any extras I can tack on for when people use those filters as they should, My listing will pop up…

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I guess Airbnb’s system is delayed a couple of days. My last family guest left her review on Thursday morning but the system just updated in the last hour to add my listing to the Family Collection. Maybe a real person has to review it or something.

Hopefully, it’ll have some positive impact.