Family Amenities

I was just reviewing my “amenities” for yucks, and I noticed that there is a new grouping– Family Amenities. Those millennials must be having babies!

Or maybe everyone else had already notice this addition and I am the last kid to be chosen for the team.

I’d never seen it before. I think it’s a great addition, especially for host not well suited to child guests. It gives the parent “visual” cues about why this listing isn’t suitable.

They forgot cabinet locks. :laughing:

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A quick review of Family/Child friendly places in my neighborhood shows that these amenities are not yet exposed to the world. Guess they are waiting for people to 1. find this new feature, 2. populate this new feature.

Or, they are just playing around and it will go away when someone gets distracted.

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It seems they may be listening to what hosts want…

Not me, as I don’t want kids in my home. Ever. But the amount of times I’ve seen hosts on here asking questions about being ‘child friendly’.

This is reassuring to me, that they are listening and making changes. A step in the right direction.

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It is appearing on my listings but I’m not ticking any of the boxes. I am happy to have kids though.

Am booking a hotel for next month in Ireland and noticed that If I want any children items like a cot or pop up indoor tent, you have to pay €30.00 for each item.

You had to put socket covers as well, to stop little figures going into the sockets and locks on drawers/presses.

Had this notification in my dashboard this morning. Guess they are ready to start implementing the family-friendly stuff.