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Fake guest profile - odd


Hi @JohnnyAir,

No, I didn’t watch that Webinar. What was his response? Did he ignore it completely? Like I said, I find it annoying when people post a photo that is not clear. Unfortunately this is a relatively common practice, and occasionally I make a snarky comment about it.


This link might take you right to the place in the video when he was asked that question. It is at 11.01 mins.

Do you think that he answered it?


Looks like posting the URL doesn’t work in the forum.

I suggest that you try putting goodotgl in front of /E7Ewff if you know what I mean.


Asking for the address of the school, as upposed to giving your exact address, is brilliant! Tip of the hat from a fellow Briton! Mwhahhh!


Not really, no. Did you mean goo.gl/E7Ewff, because that gives me a page with:

Airbnb Global Host Q&A

We’re excited to share the first global host Q&A video!

Click below to register and watch.


Yes. That’s it. Just register and you will see the ‘answer’ to your question 11 minutes in. Actually that link should take you to the 11 minute mark.


Thanks for posting this link. I had never seen the CEO of Air and am almost sorry I watched, because his answers were less than satisfying at times and that smart alec response at 18:00 actually made me wince with distaste. Not cool. We appreciate Air. They should appreciate hosts. It is HOSTS that assume 100% of the risks for having strangers in their properties, not Airbnb. He should acknowledge that. These were “soft” questions and he did a crap job of answering that one about anon. profiles and guests. Air had some discrimination issues with hosts and allowed no profile pics to float through for a while. Just own it. Don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate Air, but it has some (serious) correctable issues with the site. Confident they can be addressed, and the fact that they even held this forum is pretty cool, even if just as damage control for disgruntledness. It does show at least an acknowledgement that there are serious flaws currently.


that made me LOL :joy::rofl::laughing:


I thought it was telling that they didn’t send a survey after the webinar. In some ways it was like Brian had certain things to say and his assistants had trawled through the questions to try and find questions that most closely resembled his answers. But the ‘answer’ to the profile photo was particularly vague I thought.


Word. I was looking for a comments section or anything to give feedback, besides feedback on the site, which I don’t want to risk not being anonymous. He’s a billionaire now though, so I do still appreciate the fact that the Q&A happened at all. He could just be blatantly capitalist. Hope they’ll have more. The “you’re getting more for your service than ever before” was almost laughable. I was like, huh? I’ve been with Air almost since the beginning and that is def. NOT true. Quality has gone down. Way down. CS and caliber of guests and guest screening and review process, which is my personal pet peeve. The one truly cool thing now is the stored messages. No more copy pasting. Yay! We still love hosting, but would love it more if Air went back to being a true “partnership” like Chesky said. It absolutely used to be. But that was years ago. Hopefully with the new money they will get better and better. At least it sounds like they want to!


We have only been with Air for a relatively short time. We’ve had just over 30 ‘trips’ and the experience has been excellent to date.

Did I see somewhere that there is going to be an announcement of sorts on 22 Feb?


Chesky is doing a Facebook Live on the 22nd with some announcement(s).


@Ceejay. Hmm—recently I’ve received two separate rental requests asking the address so they could decide if my rental was a good fit. I didn’t think about it being a scam.

I responded with the distance to the attraction, not my address. I was so clueless, scam never occurred to me. I guess I possibly avoided a problem.

Actually I think I did avoid a problem. Neither of them booked.

It has been in the local press AGAIN about people breaking into vacation rentals during the offseason and living there.


Do you happen to have a time when this is happening?


My lack interest dictates that I not be bothered with that. LOL. I’m sure you can look it up. And then please watch it and come back and tell us what he says. :laughing:


Karma will mark you down for this one K9 :smirk:


Hmmm. I once got a request from DC where the profile had a picture of a pretty blonde woman. The request said “Is Chinese restaurant here near to eat?”. Fortunately the nearest one was 30km away so I didn’t have to confront my inner red flag flyer.


The positive takeaway of the interaction with “Ken” is that I now know how to reverse search photos, a very useful skill…

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