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Face masks are compulsory

That would be the country with 4% of the world’s population and 20% of covid deaths. cause : effect


… which is why Airbnb hosts in other countries are relieved that their national governments have closed the border to visitors form that country. Too many infected “spreaders,” and too much anti-scientific crazy to be welcomed elsewhere under current circumstances.

As a host it would be my worst nightmare to have a guest whose behaviour is governed by a belief that COVID is a hoax and the primary concern above all else is his (or her) “freedom” to ignore the advice of science while under my roof.

We haven’t had any guests like that – indeed, our guests after re-opening last summer have all thanked us for being so thoroughly safe. They didn’t know what to expect, and were relieved to find hosts who take all this seriously.


Thanks very much, I will give this a go.

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