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FabStayz is a new site for the LGBT+ community and Allies - powered by Houfy

Some of you may interested in joining FabStayz, especially if you are hosting in an area with a large LGBT+ community. FabStayz is a site that is powered by Houfy. It was announced today that Houfy members will receive a free trial until October 15th, 2019.

You can learn more about the founder Robert Geller and the site here:


I tried to sign up but they wanted one night payment fee, which for me means I pay the ceiling fee of $250 for 15 months. I couldn’t find a place that would let me try it for free before committing. Please direct me to the right area on the page link. Thanks for sharing this information. Cheers

Follow the instructions in the guide above. The getting started on Houfy guide has the import link. Import it into Houfy. Houfy is completely free. Get your listing complete with calendar sync, seasonal rates, etc. Set up payment with Square/Stripe if you like.

Then when ready, you are going to click to have the Houfy listing go into FabStayz.

If you are signing up directly through FabStayz, then yes you are going to pay. This free trial is being offered by Houfy. Their software powers the FabStayz platform.

UPDATE: Instructions on the one click are now included in the link above.

Thanks - I am a member of Houfy but will try again and see if I link up for free. Cheers

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Oh…ok . Are you in the Say Yes to Houfy FB group??

I am going to update the guide above as soon as I learn of the instructions of where to click to transfer your listing from Houfy into FabStayz. The instructions will also be posted in Say Yes to Houfy FB group. I will post back here as soon as I found out and update.

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No. I’m not on FB at all. My account was hacked a few years back so I walked away from the platform.


ahhhh… I don’t blame you! Houfy group will hopefully later this year be moving off of Facebook and onto the houfy platform. Then you can participate there.

OK…I’ll be sure to post back here in the next couple of days and will tag you how to get onto FabStayz!




One click instructions are now included in my Story link above.

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