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Extremely bad experience with airbnb host protection, please share your stories, let us be heard!



I was not aware of the Host Guarantee when I listed, I then read it and having an Insurance background realised the scope was very limited and did not match the ABB hype.

I then found out that how claims are handled is even more limited.

So basically it being there makes no difference to me, I would use ABB anyway, nobody should list if they are reliant on it, or a security deposit.


And even if Airbnb paid out sometimes it’s not like the happy host is going to post about it anywhere. The vast majority of Airbnb hosts are happy with Airbnb. There is no reason to think otherwise.

Jamr was asking for extra payments for damages/extra cleaning several times a year, Airbnb got fed up with it and kicked him off the platform.


You are misinformed. I cancelled Airbnb and told them to F off as I described earlier.
Since you obviously have some inside knowledge of Airbnb, you are obviously biased with your opinions here and not very credible.


I always take a lot of what I read with a bucket full of salt and obviously expect people to put forward their POV.

Seems that few have been lucky with Guarantee claims and agree that they are less likely to post but there seems a very common thread to the many many complaints.

Yet ABB continue to over sell the guarantee. And they must presumably know how they are handling claims.


Again, this is not how Airbnb was when I used them several years ago. They changed their policies without telling their hosts and now take no responsibility with damages and guests which is contrary to what they advertised with me signing up.
I find it funny how in my experience VRBO is perfectly fine taking on the responsibility of damage deposits and living up to their obligations while Airbnb runs from them.


I have only been using the system for 3 years, I now the terms of the Guarantee have been changed a few times but have never been notified.


Have you received the emails when the TOS has been updated and changed?


LOLOLOL. I don’t have any inside knowledge, but my opinions are definitely very biased.



Occasionally but for example when they changed the Arbitration clause in the Host Guarantee I was never notified and that would have been something I would have noticed.

Things are changed regularly, I would expect a weekly up date.

Often it seems that the CS employees also find out the hard way, communication is not an ABB strong point.


Thank you for sharing!


I’m new to this site, but it sounds like people are ganging up on this particular user and from the tone of voice, it seems its female vs. male.
If this is a way for him to let loose and vent, then let him do so. I think empathy should be extended all the way around.
No, its not ok for there it be name-calling, but as a Moderator, I’m sure you also understand taking the higher road is sign of being a better person.
Can’t wait to share my experience.
Haha, wow, sorry for that introduction.
I’m Sam


I encourage VRBO!
AirBnB is ridiculous.
No, I don’t work for VRBO :slight_smile:
I wish~ but I got a really rude email from Air and I am not appreciating their tone with customer service team. I expect a lot from customer service, maybe its my age (34 + 1 :slight_smile: but their emails can be quite curt at times. Without many specifics and a lot of broad language - intentional I’m sure. And its really start to get frustrating.



Not at all. A host who was upset with Airbnb came here to complain about them and then turned on their fellow hosts here and was rude and swore at them when they didn’t agree with his point of view.

Nothing to do with male V female.

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