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We have the following listing:

We started last month and it’s working very well. We will have a family (previous commitment) that will take the place from 15 augusti for a year so we will continue air bnb after that. My question is the following.

We are thinking to make a spa in the basement, we are thinking it’s best that it’s an extra service meaning people will pay an extra price to get a private 1 hour-1hour 30 min jacuzzi and sauna.

How much will you charged for that, please feel free to comment on our new listing (it will be very nice to get nice tips)

Thanks in advance
Sylvain from Sweden

Hej Hej @sylvainbg.

Jag flyger till Sverige när jag skriver detta . Jag taller lite Svenska. Förlåt misstag.

We have a jacuzzi in our house in Northern California, and we just make the nightly price higher to consider maintenance for the hot tub. However, this may be different in Sweden, where I think you would be able to charge for use. In the US if we tried to charge for use, we would get slammed in reviews!

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Trevligt. jag är från Frankrike så det är ok :slight_smile:

The spa will be use between 3 of our place (they are all around). It will separate with a own entrance. How much did you increased your nightly price?

Anyone else that can give us a feedback on it?

Hi @sylvainbg We have a hot tub at our one bedroom cabin, and I know this significantly contributes to our occupancy rate, but our place is situated in a vacation town so people are mainly coming to relax. I think the value of those kinds of facilities varies massively from market-to-market. You probably need to think specifically about the types of guests visiting your neighborhood, and what your competitors offer. Do competitors offer those facilities, and, if so, what kind of premium are they charging?

As Azreala said, another thing to consider is the upkeep for these facilities when multiple people (who are unfamiliar with them) are using them. For example, the local vacation rental agencies here insist that any rentals booking groups have the hot tub professionally serviced between every guest. So, for example, if my cabin accommodated more than two people, the extra cost of maintaining the hot tub probably would exceed the premium I can charge.


Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Our place is a middle size city in Sweden.
Winter is very cold so it can make a big plus I think (many business travelers and families). There are a few competitors with sauna that are including it on the price (but the price is more than double than our place per night). As you said a jacuzzi is a lot of work so I think it’s better to have a separate place on it specially at will be a separate entrance for 3 rental place.

Set a price that includes the use of all amenities. Beyond that you will achieve only confusion.

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I have also read that at least in some areas , you may not be able to charge a higher nightly rate, but having a hot tub will get you more bookings.