Extra guest snuck in

I caught my guest quickly leaving with an extra guest - his unannounced girlfriend. They were shutting the door behind them and though I called out to them they did not stop. My studio is for a solo guest -and it is confirmed by email before booking. The guest said his girlfriend surprised him (they are from boston a four hour drive) and just stopped over for five minutes before they went to some big concert. he then informed me that four of his friends all dropped their bags there, because they couldn’t bring them tot he concert. . It is tiny tiny studio and my rules are clear. His excuses are ridiculous of course .

He swore it was just him sleeping there and his girlfriend was leaving after the concert. It all sounds ridiculous.

I told him either abide the rules or he should check out tonight,. After copious stories and apologies, he said he would check out tonight. We shall see.

do i report this to Air b and B? is there any point?

Hope you followed up your conversation on Airbnb messenger so there is a record that he said is not staying as he could not meet your house rules of having only one guest.

Did you ask him why his four friends left their bags at the place where he was staying rather than where they were staying? Did he take the bags with him?

Do make sure you leave an honest review for this guest.

Hopefully you have CCTV or similar so you can make sure he doesn’t just come back and stay with his girlfriend and friends.

OF COURSE there’s a point to reporting all this! A jerk like this should not be allowed to continue breaking the rules. 1 Star for Communication. 3 stars maximum overall.

Cannot recommend guest for violating house rules about extra guests, plus he invited friends to leave their luggage in our listing while he, his unregistered girlfriend, and friends trouped off to a concert.

Just to show the opposing view (sorry Ken!) I’d say definitely NOT.

You have a rule that guests can’t have friends leave other bags there? If he didn’t cause damage, left the place in reasonable condition, didn’t disturb anyone with lots of noise and didn’t cause extra laundry (and so on) costs then I would host him. (Judging by what I know so far). So be fair in the review, definitely. That way other hosts can deal with any issues that bother them, but I don’t see what reporting him to Airbnb would do. Or what they would do, actually. So I don’t see the point in wasting the time to do it.

@KKC has a story about a dreadful guest who stayed with her but is still apparently doing the rounds so reporting probably does nothing.

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Small correction: She didn’t stay with me. She instant booked and I cancelled within the hour when I saw her ratings and reviews. Since then (June) she has another 25+ reviews added to her profile and she continues to get both good and bad reviews. I didn’t report her and don’t know that anyone does. I also didn’t review her and don’t remember if I had the chance to do so.

Moral of the story is REVIEW HONESTLY and let the next host be responsible for reading and reacting. We need to run our own rental business we can’t depend on people in offices to cull the inappropriate guests from the system.


I stand corrected :slight_smile:

I agree x 100!


It is not ok to ‘leave luggage’. What if there is some contraband etc in these bags? Airbnb will not only disavow any help from them if, for example, the people who leave off the luggage find something missing from their bags (and blame you), but the same rules that the concert venue applies to random luggage brought in should be considered with your venue.

Thank you for responses.

What if the “some contraband” was in a registered guests luggage? At the end of the day, other than the Airbnb reviews, none of us really know anything about the majority of the guests we host. You provide accommodation to strangers, you have to accept certain risks that come with it.


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I’ve allowed people to have their friends leave luggage until they could check into their own bnb, but it was approached with honest communication. The guests ASKED first. The sneaking around is the part that breaks the trust.

The difference would be that a registered guest would be covered under the AirBnB host guarantee and your homeowner’s insurance if said contraband were to cause an issue, whereas their friend’s property would not.