Extra bed in extra room—how to list when either of our guest rooms can book it

We have two Airbnb rooms, each with its own bath. We call them Poetry Room and Monet Room. We rent them out separately, for up to two guests each. Guests occasionally ask for an additional bed. Neither of our Airbnb rooms can accommodate an extra bed. But we can set up an airbed in our sewing room. That way, the guest(s) in either Poetry or Monet could opt to add the airbed/sewing room.

We can’t make the sewing room a separate Airbnb listing because it has no bathroom to go with it. Anyone who stays in the sewing room must share a bath with the room whose guest(s) they’re traveling with.

We want to charge an extra fee for anyone who chooses to add the sewing room. And of course it would be on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, if Monet guests decide to add the sewing room, then it wouldn’t be available to Poetry guests.

How do we add this to our two listings? Where should it go in the listing? What should our listings say about the number of people who can be accommodated (if we say each room can handle three, that’s not exactly true)? And how do we add a charge for anyone who chooses to add the sewing room?

Hi. I would keep it simple and choose just one of your main rooms to include the option of a third person. Whichever room is nearest to the Sewing Room would be the most obvious.

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First of all you should have 3 listings 1 Poetry, 2 Monet and 3 both combined with an AirBnB linked calendar. If 1 or 2 book it blocks 3. It will increase your bookings. Is there a way to put a permanet twin in the sewing room? If not I would mention it on listing as an available option if there are 3 or 5 people on the proper sites at $xx per night stating it is only an airbed supplied. Also you can rent a room without a private bathroom on AirBnB, just list it as shared.

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Thanks for answering.

No, we can’t put up a permanent bed in the sewing room. There’s no wall space for that.

I’m not clear about the three listings you mentioned. We’d like to make the sewing room be an add-on to either Poetry or Monet. How would three listings would do that?

Also, we can’t list the sewing room as having a shared bath, since we don’t want to rent it separately from Poetry or Monet. Those are both booked with private baths. I don’t think most of our guests would want the risk of sharing a bath with a total stranger.

But maybe I’m just not understanding what you’ve said.

Why do you want to make it available to both rooms? As I said, would it not be much easier to make just one of the rooms suitable for 3? That way nobody would be sharing a bathroom with strangers. It seems so straightforward to me, what am I missing?! lol

The three listings one rents the Poetry room only, the next rents the Monet room only and the third one would rent both the Poetry and Monet together hosting 4 people instead of 2. You can add a note to each listing that an airbed in another room is available for $xx per night to extend the guests to either 3 for the Poetry room or Monet room or to host 5 with both the Poetry room and Monet room as a combined booking if available at the time of booking.


How do I link Airbnb calendars for multiple listings?

If you have multiple listings on Airbnb (for example, an entire home and a room inside that home), you can link their Airbnb calendars to prevent double-bookings.

To link Airbnb calendars for multiple listings:

  1. Go to Listings on airbnb.com and click a listing whose calendar you’d like to link
  2. Click Availability
  3. Next to Linked Airbnb calendars , click Link
  4. Click Create linked calendars , then select the listing for the entire home you’d like to link to other calendars
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the listings inside of the home, then click Save

It’s just more flexible if either room can add the sewing room. Could be more appealing to more people that way. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the idea. We might want to do that some time in the future. But for now, we really want a way to add the sewing room for an upcharge to either of the other rooms.

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You can do four separate listings (or 5 or 6) and be sure they are properly linked.
1 poetry
2 poetry + sewing
3 Monet
4 monet + sewing
5 poetry + monet
6 poetry + monet + sewing

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Oh, that’s interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. You’ve given us something to think about. Thanks.

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One possible way is to create a listing known as the sewing room that is fully blocked out (i’ll explain below).

In the listing known as the poetry or monet room, ask your guest to request access to the sewing room on a ask basis at the time of booking. Be clear that there is a surcharge for using that room. If the guest is happy to pay extra, you can send them a special offer from the sewing room listing. The airbnb chat app allows you to send airbnb links. So technically you can just unblock the relevant sewing room dates, then send the link to the guest to book it.

That sounds like a great idea. Very helpful. Thanks!