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Extenuating Circumstances Proof Documentation

Hi There,

My management company at my building emailed me with a memo stating that my building was going to have to install new water heaters since my hot water had been acting up since Sunday. Turns out they are old and need to be replaced. Along with that, they found a leak in my ceiling which cant be repaired until June - the dates I have two guests staying.

Before cancelling their visit I emailed AirBNB the memo from my management as well as an inspection report of all the things that need to be replaced or repaired in the month of June.

Do you think those are enough proof to not be charged for the cancellation fee?

Would love to hear your experiences. Thanks!


They should be, keep us posted because My gas company is installing new lines and I suspect that I won’t have hot water as well. So far haven’t gotten my notice yet and I am just hoping that it will be in our dead season.

We had a leak from the unit above us last year and had to cancel two reservations because of it. They didn’t ask me for any documentation.

We had the water turned off to our building for two weeks due to pipe repairs last year.

We had to cancel 3 bookings as a result and did so without any penalty from airbnb or having to provide proof.

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