Experience deleting reviews?

So I recently had to alter a guests reservation so she could move out.

Airbnb don’t tend to delete reviews. Has she been slanderous in her review or just a case of heavy exaggeration?

Yikes! (I’m without words…anyone else?)

The link isn’t working for me.

Are you sure it was me?!

I don’t recall reading about your situation.

To answer your question on this post, I agree with Zandra that reviews seldom seem to be deleted. They feel that each guest should be allowed to state what their experience was.

Let us know if it gets removed.

Yep, I guess it was me after all. :blush:

The unpleasant situation escalated and became pretty nasty so it proves the contributing members of the forum who shared the same verdict were pretty much on point!

Why did I say “yikes”? Partly because you and your guest are obviously articulate and Air will probably consider it a she-said-she-said experience and not put weight on either side. I was “without words” because at 63-degrees, my teeth were chattering.

I did. You asked about her review and I said that probably wouldn’t be removed. I’ve seen some crazy reviews and replies. But maybe their recipients didn’t try to have them removed. I do think that if Air removes one they will or should remove all reviews and replies.

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I don’t find either of them to be particularly articulate and it seems that both of them have too much time on their hands. I agree with others that the chances are that Airbnb will not delete anything (if nothing else, it’s good comedy value!)

That is really too cold for comfort. I remember saying so in the old topic, What’s weird to me is how the host wasn’t concerned for her guest’s comfort. Guests in our rental can set the thermostat to whatever they want.

I don’t get it - if your guest was cold, shy not just turn up the thermostat?

As a host, shouldn’t your guests comfort be a priority?

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This isn’t a typical hosting situation. This is a more of a short term roommate situation. So if one thinks it’s 63 and cold enough to store a dead body and the other thinks it’s 70 and a sauna it’s going to be hard to compromise.

It seems it was best that they go their separate ways. It’s a shame they couldn’t do so without writing the script for a bad soap opera.


I know this must be frustrating for you, and it’s difficult not to feel upset, but I would suggest that you try move on from this.

As others have already said, it’s highly unlikely that Airbnb will delete the review, or the reply to your review. Being able to provide documentation to prove the apartment was warmer than stated is fine, however Airbnb won’t take this into consideration. They’re very much interested in individual host and guest experiences. If Airbnb took these things into consideration, they would be moderating so many cases, and they simply don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to do so.

The very best you could hope for is having the suggestion you’re living with your parents removed, if it’s incorrect. They’re most likely to judge the other comments made - about your previous tenant and your TV viewing habits - as a guest relaying their experiences and observations. Even if they took issue with these statements, they would not delete the whole review. They would just modify the offending portions.

As an aside, Airbnb generally doesn’t allow references to their involvement in moderating disputes. They may remove your review/modify your review, as you stated that they instructed you to file a police report.

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Precisely. A number of us predicted the ultimate parting of ways and it came to pass, unfortunately, without bypassing the drama.

@jaquo - My use of the word “articulate” was a misnomer. I am often guilty of that. I recall that I was grasping for a fitting word and when it eluded me, I threw that one in and was satisfied…until I was hit with darts.

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Maybe you meant loquacious.

Well…I guess, but since it is in written form, how 'bout “they both had diarrhea of the fingers” (meaning their reviews were exceedingly lengthy).

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