Expanding without large investment costs

So i am thinking of expanding my airbnb to have more listings. Currently i have two listings one place (shared 1br or private 2br). Currently i am in the oil & gas and use airbnb to cover the cost of my living expenses. I want to be able to add more listings without the large rental costs or costs to purchase. Anyone have success renting other peoples listings for them? Ways to add listings while limiting your upfront costs?

Yes, I look after another rental in addition to our own. This is not under the official Airbnb co-host system but a private arrangement.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

What do you charge? What are you responsible for?

I’m responsible for the entire thing - from answering guest queries, to preparing the apartment, to the house tour, to being on hand if the guests need anything during their stay, to writing reviews etc.

All the owner does is pay for any maintenance or repairs.

I receive 50% of the payment. However, what concerns me is the possibility that co-hosting might means that your own rentals suffer. I make sure that this doesn’t happen by giving our own rental my 100% attention. My feeling is that the chap I co-host for might decide to stop renting the place which would destroy my income from him. Therefore, our own place must come first.


Hello @RNeundorf

If you work full time and already manage two listings, how do you feel it would work for you co-hosting another listing or two. Particularly if you need to be available in case of problems.

If you are a superhost you can register as a co-host on airbnb if it’s available in your area.

If you want to do this privately, is there are local airbnb host group you could join?