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Excessive use of linens


I show guests the toast, fruit and cereals provided for my guests self service breakfast, and the breakfast included is described on the details. Imagine our surprise when a guest stole 2 chocolate bars my son left out on the worktop yesterday for his packed lunch!




No, because if you don’t give that information you will be interrogated anyway. There’s no way to judge if people used too much without knowing about the listing. Every listing is different.

For example I asked about bunk beds because I know kids like to climb up on the tops and make tents out of the bottoms and in the course of using beds to play, they mess up all the beds. Have you seen the commerical where the family uses all the couch cushions to make a fort? Someone here commented on how they disliked that commerical because it gives people ideas for inappropriate use of of furniture. LOL.

If people understand up front that the only way to make such a large space so affordable is to limit access to unused bedrooms, they will take affordability over access.

That is the nature of the forum, of any forum I think. We can be worth the price of admission if you’re ever in a pinch there are some very knowledgeable and helpful posters here. The best strategy for those who go off topic is just to scroll on by. If you get defensive or snippy, they do too.


Good point. 2020202020


Great post. One way to differentiate between beds actually used but left made up and ones someone might have had a nap on top of or just lay down to check it out (which I wouldn’t be washing myself - don’t judge me!) is to ask them to place all used bedding and towels in the bath or shower for washing. If nothing else if they put 11 sets of bedding for 6 people it might make them think about the extra work they are making for you, though too late either way I guess.
I have a double and 2 bunk singles and don’t expect people to tell me if they are a couple or just 2 friends or FBs or on the down low. But once or twice one would use the double and one use one of the single beds and then leave it made up and I assumed they had both slept in the double and then the next guest complained the bed sheets weren’t clean. So rather than use the sniff test I ask them to place used bedding in the bath which seems to work.


it’s worth every cent we pay :japanese_goblin:

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