Excessive messages from hosts and ABNB

I’ve stayed at over 150 different Airbnb’s over the last 10 years (I’ve also been a host for 10+ years), and it seems that recently I’m getting excessive messages from hosts checking in about every little thing I.e. when are you arriving, what time do you expect to vacate, is everything ok, etc., etc.
While I appreciate a responsive host, my phone seems to be blowing up with inquiries.
As a host, I welcome my guest (remotely) after their checkin and just ask if everything is good … then I don’t bother them unless they reach out to me.

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I think it’s the new messaging system that was rolled out. It allows hosts to pre-write messages that are automatically sent out to all booked guests. Probably your host filled out all the options provided.


Plus, many hosts these days are trying to automate their businesses as much as possible;

Personally, I don’t like that - I don’t think that it embodies the concept of hospitality.

I personally greet all my guests (unless they are arriving at daft o’clock) and our personal interaction means that no canned messages are required.

Of course, this is a very old-fashioned viewpoint - but it works. :slight_smile:


I once read a post from a newish host (he’d maybe had 4 bookings) who had a private suite in his basement. He was asking for advice because his current guest seemed to resent interacting. But the host said he messaged or asked the guests every day if they needed anything, if everything was alright, if they slept well, etc. He thought that he was being a good host by doing that. It was explained to him that his attentiveness was extreme, and aside from checking the guests in, orienting them as to where to find things, and letting guests know to feel free to ask if they needed anything, he really should just leave them alone.

In the OP here’s case, I would agree that it may just be an overzealous use of scheduled messages.


After I receive all info that I require after guest books, I send 3 messages:

  1. Check in info.
  2. Message after they arrive to make sure all is ok.
  3. Check out message.

Seems the right amount of messaging.


That’s what I do as well.

I think a lot of this is “CYA” on the hosts’ part. AirBnB seems to refund if the guest claims to be unhappy with anything, so asking the guest every day if everything is OK gives the host a bit of defense if a CS

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