Exactly 4 months since my last booking

My 2 month roommate left Monday and I opened my calendar for booking couple of weeks ago. The exact first day I’d be open kept changing but Monday I was able to make today the first day available and I got a booking last night for tonight; a road tripper with dog making a last minute booking. Last week I also got two bookings for nights many weeks from now. Unless I get some longer term bookings I’m still looking at half as many or less nights booked since I won’t be doing back to back bookings anytime soon.

Still, it feels like old times. It’s going to be good to have a little feeling of BC (before covid).


Yes the 24 hours between cuts into the week for sure. I upped to a 2 day minimum, which blocks 4 days on calendar.

I am booked about as much as I can be though, no complaints.



I wish I had that kind of business for economic reasons but not really for my life in general. People now have to stay in, get carry out, etc if they really want to be safe so I don’t want people in my house all day.

I have 40% less income but I’m also probably spending 40% less so it’s okay. LOL.


I’ve done the same thing, but since I’m a shared home host, I’m still snoozed. But I’m getting views… I may snooze August, too.

ha! Truth!


I bet you get every other day booked going forward.


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Our rolling 12-month average is 24% down in three months but hopefully this month we are turning a corner.

Good Luck and Good Health going forward KKC!
We closed for 8 weeks and have been open for 8 weeks. Most of our guests are Southern Cal local. August is a crap shoot, we have had a recent cancellation due to upsurge of Covid cases.