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Everything we hated about hosting and how we made it fun

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It would have been nice if you had actually come here and participated for a few weeks before you try to hustle us with some software that you’ve cobbled together.


Hey Ken,

I have actually been a member for quite a while and I am not selling anything at the moment. I just think getting other hosts involved with what I am working on can be a positive experience for everyone.

You may have been a member for ‘quite a while’, but Ken’s point stands. You haven’t actually participated in the forum by providing advice, help and input to questions posted by your fellow hosts. Your only posts relate to the software you want to develop, and the help you want from hosts here to develop your product.


“Quite a while” in this instance means 71 days and during that “while” @TechyHosts has posted three times. Hardly adding value, I think.

Of course, most of us have been reading these ‘I’ve got a great idea for tools to automate things’ for years and are pretty fed up of them. However, if the OP has actually got some great ideas that can automate our lives to the extent that it can fix a rental’s AC when it goes down in the middle of the night, can automatically clean a disgusting toilet, automatically pacify guests when the city shuts off the water for a day or who find a mouse/bug/hairs … all real hosts know that the list can go on and on … then we might may attention when the system is in place. (No promises, mind you).


So Techy you wanted suggestions.

If you’re going to make money off the ideas you come up with you’ll have to do a better job with your ad copy/writing/hook/whatever you call it. @jaquo has not so subtlety pointed out that the real things we hate about hosting, like being reminded of James Taylor’s “Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon” while we clean or being awakened in the middle of the night by an AC breakdown or chirping smoke alarm, can’t be automated.

I actually think there might be members interested in software for cleaners that doesn’t require an app. Actual software that cleans? That would be fantastic! Do I twitch my nose or blink hard?

I’ve restored your post because the thread makes no sense without it. Stick around and you might find us to be helpful. Or sulk away and I can delete the thread for you.


Yes sorry. I’m like that… :blush:


A useful app would be a list of local tradies who can fix things at short notice and who understand the logistics of short term rentals. Maybe tradies could list when they have a day or a few hours spare so that when hosts log on they can see who in the nearby vicinity is available immediately.


Great point here! I definitely think that capturing the aspect of having to work at the last minute would be really helpful. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve been on the marketing and consulting side of the tech industry my whole career so I respectfully suggest that you adjust your approach if you want any tangible insight.

You provide little information about the app so it’s hard to provide feedback. I do my own cleaning so it’s not clear if your app applies to hosts like me.

Since you’ve been a member of this forum for “quite a while” you might pick up on the topics and comments herein for some insight into what might be of interest to hosts like us. That shows you have invested time in listening and that you have a sincere desire to assist with what we do.

  1. Identify the PROBLEM, then
  2. State the SOLUTION
  4. Ask for feedback
  5. Revise solution, as needed, based on feedback

You started at #4


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Oops, sorry, I flagged the wrong post as spam

favourite thread of the year


Be careful @Barns, them there’s flagging words :wink:


Hi & hahaha, wish I had a free app for cleaning my 6 bedroom home !
I would especially like this app to have grout cleaning fairies, and a steam wash goblin thing.


I have created software for scheduling cleaners that does not require the cleaner to have an app. You can see it here:


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