Ever expanding house rules

So, here is my I dunno, 10th incarnation of my house rules. For your critique. I am pet friendly obvs :slight_smile: I am wondering if I am coming off mean or unfriendly, last thing I want.

"I hate rules, as a rule… but based on past experience I must have some.
If there are any problems or issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, I aim for 5 star overall service, and will do my best to make sure this is what you have.
Regarding dogs> There is limit of 1 dog only. I am open to discuss multiple dogs if they are very small :slight_smile: You must not leave your dog alone in the space for any longer than 15 minutes. There are other guests staying who may not have dogs and any noise is disturbing.
Keep entering and leaving the house to a minimum after dark. The auto lights will disturb other guests if they are constantly flashing on and off.
There is no cot provided, so if you are bringing an infant you must provide your own.
The bunk beds are to be slept in ONLY. The lower bed is rated for adult use, the upper one for children only. Please be sure and instruct your children not to jump or play on the bunk beds. You will be responsible for any damage caused by misuse.
Please don’t leave dirty nappies in the wastepaper basket(s) when you check out. Be so kind as to place them in the blue wheelie bin in the car park.
If you are bringing children and/or pets, please be aware that you will be responsible for any additional damage caused.
Absolutely no smoking anywhere inside the house. Vaping is fine.
No people other than those named in the booking to be given access to the property.
Please no loud noise after 11pm and keep the TV volume to a reasonable level.
PLEASE NOTE Check out means you and your car, if you have brought one, have left the property. You cannot leave you car in the car park after check out, unless you have explicit permission from me. "

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Not bad, If anything you’re a bit polite. These are Rules, not suggestions. Altogether too much “please” , and “be so kind”. Delete all that and be firm.

– for example: “Limit of 1 dog but I am open to discuss multiple dogs…”. Be firm is it one dog or more than one dog. Make up your mind. Two Pekes make more mess and noise than one Newfoundland!

– Bunk beds are to be slept in only… we can’t have sex, even the adult rated ones?? Darn! The whole thing is a discussion, not a Rule. "Bunk beds are to be slept in. NO Jumping or Playing on them, children! We inspect them before each guest arrival, and YOU will be held responsible for any damage.

No people other than guests named in the booking allowed on the property!

Allowing vaping but not smoking sends a mixed message. Personally, vaping, with all it’s ‘flavors’, stinks more than tobacco. “NO smoking or vaping on the property” sends a more firm message.

What’s a “reasonable level” for TV volume??? Give me a number – 75? 60? 87? “Keep TV volume below 75”

“Check Out means you and your vehicle. Cars left in the car park will be towed.”


Yes, I tend towards Ken’s way of thinking here. Be clear, specific and firm.


The list is a mess. Way to long and with no discernible order.

It probably started with the first rule, then it seems you keep adding and adding on.
Is all this necessary?

I would not be able to rember half of that …but then I would most likely refrain from booking because of all the complications.

Do have a printed version posted somewhere as well? You can’t assume that all in a group have seen your listing at Airbnb.

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I am a smoker and would not want to stay anywhere with people vaping inside or expose my dog or child, whom I don’t smoke around, exposed. It’s not as harmless and many claim and some people have smells or flavors in them that many find offensive.

I really appreciate you input and it is true it has morphed more into responses to previous guests so it has all gone a bit vague and probably too personal. I am going to edit hard, and simplify using all your suggestions.

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The folks on this forum helped me revamp my rules recently.

I found it helped to break them up into 3 sections: When reserving (know this stuff about the place, who can reserve), before arrival (make sure guest count is accurate, give me an ETA), While you’re here (keep gates closed, quiet hours, etc).