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Ethics of having a thread where people can save each others' listings to their wish list in order to boost our search ranking

So I’ve had the idea to start a thread where we can post links to our listings and in return save the other listings to our wish lists. This would boost our rankings in the Airbnb search. Any thoughts on this?

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Just start a private message thread and invite those who are interested?

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How do you know it improves search results? I have heard that it does - but I don’t think I have read it anywhere.

Anyway - I wonder if they can be used against you at all. Let’s say you have 100 people wish listing but no one booking. Will they think your listing has too many views and not enough bookers??

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We used to have a thread like that, maybe 6-9 months ago.

Plenty of people on here don’t want anyone to see their listing as they have privacy concerns. I am not one of those people but I also don’t think I need people clicking and saving me either. I just look at other host’s listings out of curiosity.

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