Espresso maker or Keurig (bring your own K-cups)?

@PitonView Oh wow. That is a lot to have to work around. I’m never cursing Amazon’s crappy interface again.

@PitonView Maybe offer a small discount to guests who bring you something on a “we need this list” :wink:

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We have all of the above. But I can’t sell the Keutig for the life of me, even with the reusable cups. People like their own coffee makers or the French press, if they drink coffee at all!

A few have offered to take things for us, and I did send a TV remote control to a recent guest to have them take it with them. But since the Customs officials on the island always ask “are you bringing something for someone?”, I hate to have them either lie or end up spending a lot of time in the Customs offices.
We get there three-four times a year, so it usually isn’t too long between visits. And we have spares for a lot of things!

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If it’s an Airbnb guest and they are bringing something for the Airbnb, then it’s for their use while there, not “someone else.” :wink: I could certainly bring consumables to my Airbnb and leave the leftovers and not feel I was lying.