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Ermigerd, guess who's coming to stay?


A bloody Stormtrooper, off The Star Wars!

(according to his profile pic. Name’s Chris, apparently)


Well at least it’s not Darth Vader!:rofl:


I would not accept a Request from someone with that kind of Avatar. Sez so right in our listing. I do not care about race/creed/color/species. I DO care about what YOU look like!!


Not a problem here. The Force is with me.


is he just dressed up or actually from the star wars movies


just has a mask on, I’m afraid


At least he wasn’t one of the scary characters from the bar!


I am hosting a cat face from Australia next month…not sure when to break the no pet policy to her.


Well - he’s coming with three friends!


Famously, I once had the Taj Mahal. Actually he was a great guest!



Did you take a selfie, in front of him?


it wouldnt bother me if they had a cat photo or a face photo…you get to see them when they arrive - unless they are still wearing the mask…spookey


It doesn’t bother me either. I’ve had hundreds of guests who don’t look like their picture anyway. Eventually Airbnb won’t require photos just like most other forms of accommodations now and all of them in the era before the internet. People can check IDs on arrival if they are concerned about that kind of thing.


Maybe it’s actually Sheldon Cooper coming with Howard, Leonard and Raj … oooh, how exciting!



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