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Epic Review and reply


I stumbled across this today. I suspect these guys know each other from their professions, Adam doesn’t have any other Airbnb reviews. Matthew does, one of my upcoming guests stayed with him and I was checking reviews. Anyway, they are epic and I’d love to host either of these characters.



I bet they work in advertising. They sound like copywriters. :rofl:


The host is a professional ecologist/works at Texas Tech. The other was in town for a wedding and he is pictured outdoors but could be a professional writer.


Well truly legendary comments - enjoyed reading them and thanks for sharing.


Those are some awesome metaphors! They put a lot of thought into writing those!


My ex-husband and our friends at the time were mostly geologists but also other science types and we/they talked like that all the time. That’s why I think they are both outdoors people and frankly, probably already friends. But if they were strangers then that’s some Airbnb magic right there.


A few country western songs could come from those reviews.

A beer as cold as my ex-girlfriend’s heart? :rofl::rofl:


Funny. My response was that these two folks were working way too hard, and still establishing the alpha.

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