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Environmental Impact of Airbnb - What do hosts do about it?

Well done Jim, you managed to only mention your YouTube channel twice in that post, answering a post from two and a half years ago…



Is it me or do you sound a bit annoyed? It’s my Keurig story. Do you have one?

You got a story, share it; but using this forum as a form of clickbait for your YouTube channel is becoming tedious.

Maybe start using the hat when posting?



Youtube is considered a social media like twitter and Facebook, I use Youtube as such. I am not a Airbnb guru using Youtube to sell courses only share my personal experience of a host in a small college town. I have never asked anyone in all social media platforms to subscribe to my channel. Millions of people are on Youtube to share their family events, how to fix something, or a DIY project. I do not need a passive income from Youtube. Also notice there are no links to my channel so where does the “click bait” comment mean? If you are not on social media ie. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Youtube, and etc., why be so bitter to people who are? I own and have investments in a lot of radio stations. So if I was on this forum promoting my stations and my radio show for better stats to make more money, then I would understand your attacks. So after you read this and still feel Youtube is a evil social media platform, then fine. You may also hate all social media and don’t own Facebook stock. Social media is not a fad and is never going away. You have the right not to join any social media except for forums that share your interest. But many members here are on social media. And just because they are on social media isn’t a reason to attack them every chance you get because you are not. Come to think about it, I may open an Instagram account in your name so I can post screenshots of your posts against social media. LOL.

Knock yerself out fella, but be sure to wear the hat while you’re doing it :wink:


And what’s your point? Members always click on my profile on every comment or post I make? Like people can’t do that with social media? My profile is clickbait? Am I the only member you always attack based on a profile or are there others?

Put the hat on Jim, you know it’ll make you feel better.


I’m new to this forum. So is the “hat” remark a code word to let other members know that you are trolling another member? Is this behavior a norm in the background or something. It reminds me of a prison culture you see in the movies where you are claiming a new member as your own to follow around and insult for your own weird pleasure.



You must have done a lot time in prison, you just can’t shake that mindset. And when you sign every post with “jf” does that mean jailhouse fool or something. Or are you currently in prison using the your rec time on the prison computer?

By god Jim, you really aren’t the sharpest knife in the block, are you?


Thanks for the compliment! But at least I can have a knife legally, but you can only have a plastic one in your current residence. I am shocked you didn’t refer to it as a shank! Just remember not to drop the soap in the shower.

Aw, you got me. Maybe you’re cleverer than I thought. Here’s my shared space listing, wanna book me?




I must say, that toilet looks sparkling clean. But I think the beds could use some throw pillows…

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