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Enquiry for June 2018 is actually a charity looking for donations


First time I’ve had something like this! Of course they had no intention of staying at my home, the enquiry immediately launched into a long discussion about an event being held in New York and they’re seeking donations. More talk about the background of the charity etc etc. Basically just another sneaky way of canvassing for donations, as if we don’t get it enough via email, telephone, door knocking, tin rattling as we’re trying to go about our business at the shopping centre etc.
Just hitting decline isn’t enough, Airbnb requires that you give a reason for declining. I just put a full stop in and that progressed the decline action.
Very annoying!


Can you click “Report This User”?


Report them!!!..


Yes, I just reported them as scam/spam.
Hope this isn’t going to be the New Normal


Use the flag to report the inappropriate message.


I would definitely report this user


You could just pre approve as well, the system is happy, no need to reply to conversations.


Since no-one’s mentioned it yet, I’d say report this user!



When Air was new, this sort of spam was frequent…