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Enquiries and bookings way down

I’ve heard now from various hosts, not just in Australia but other parts of the world that enquiries and bookings are way down, even for those of us living in buzzy all year round locations. I’m wondering, is it: more competition, Easter being so close to Xmas this year (don’t think so) or an Airbnb glitch with enquiries not reaching hosts as mentioned on another post? I’d like to hear from those who have noticed it’s gone unusually quiet.

Hi Glad

I am a fairly new host with AirBnB so can’t really comment. However we are on the south coast of NSW, Australia and I know demand drops off significantly after the Anzac Day long weekend.

What does concern me is the massive increase in new hosts over past 12 months. Was talking to an AirBnB old timer (by that I mean she first listed about two years ago). When she first listed, was only about 12 or so listings for her town. Now there are over 100. Her bookings are still good but she has many reviews and enjoys a high position on the search queries. However with this many listings, it can only dilute the market and thus the enquiries.

Like Glad, would also like to hear more from others about this.

Clyde have a look at my new post today why enquiries and bookings might be down for you.

My street is 0.6 miles long. There are ten Airbnbs (excluding ours) on that short street. There are also places that are listed on HA and other sites rather than Airbnb. There are also several quaint small resorts. I’m amazed that I get any bookings at all :slight_smile:

But the influx of new hosts in rather concerning…

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