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Earning income compare to a regular renting


I am very surprised that we are quickly been able to get an income that is 3/4 time higher (gross earning) compare to an all included renting.

I can understand why it’s taking away property to regular renting but It’s so much more flexible in my opinion, you are sure to be paid and more income.

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I just like it that it’s flexible - if you don’t anyone staying that weekend it’s fine, block it off!

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Sadly, it IS taking available rentals off the market. But I am in the same boat as you. I’m at possible double per month (or more) with short term renting compared to I would be getting with long term renting. I only tried long term renting once and the one tenant I had (whom I had screened carefully) didn’t even wait a week before becoming unhappy and negative. Short term renting is less impact. They are gone a lot sightseeing. Even though vacation renting is so seasonal here, it still makes me way more than long term renting. Without the legal worries and tenant rights.

In my case, it is not taking a rental off the market but yes, compared to having a roommate I can make as much money with less impact on my life.

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