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Duck, Duck, Goose. I'm finally "it" with getting that lousy guest


Calling BS on this one… No way is a guest going to book a $25/night room with a cleaning fee more than the cost of the room. Nope. Don’t believe that…


Jesus, @katnhat , @NordlingHouse, and probably others. What is the matter with you?

@TheInsider is here using his/her free time to answer questions for us. That is an amazing resource for everyone. If you don’t like the answer, ignore it. But don’t tell him/her to go read the entire forum, become a host or other preposterous stuff. He/She has a unique perspective. We can take what we want from this. We can share our own opinions in a friendly matter to discuss issues and @TheInsider seems totally up for that. But turning around and being rude? That is just abominable and y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

@TheInsider By far the vast majority of people are grateful that you joined and share your knowledge.

As far as an Airbnb cleaning service goes, that would be a great option to have. What would be even better is Airbnb entering the insurance business and offering homeowner insurance (and maybe travel insurance) to hosts. Finding insurance that allows for STR is a big issue for a lot of hosts. Airbnb has the best data on this and it should be very easy to create an insurance package for hosts that offers them real protection. And insurance companies tend to make a lot of money, so I am surprised Air hasn’t done this yet!


If you guys as experienced hosts have all of the needed knowledge, why am I here and get quite a few questions each day? I’ve said from the beginning that most of my answers are policy and how Air will react to situations when a user calls in to support. I’m here to help based on policy and my knowledge as a CM, not a host even though I do have hosting exp. that I won’t discuss here. I respect what you’re saying, and know that sometimes real life is different than what is written in policy but I can’t change that. All I can do is give advice based on my knowledge of policy and situations I’ve dealt with as a CM. My user name is The Insider, not the ExpertHost. I came on here to learn from you guys on real-world situations compared to what is policy to better understand frustrations so I can possibly help more in the future when I punch in for work each day. I’ve never claimed, nor will I, that I have all the answers or my opinion is correct. I see now that not all policies are practical and some are very difficult for hosts to get support on, but I’m not Brian, I didn’t rent out my air mattress in Cali for a convention that led to a multi-million dollar operation. Everyone has an opinion, take my advice as you wish and as it benefits you. If my answer is policy, please understand that it is Air policy and I’m just re-wording it for the context of the host question I’m answering and giving a practical explanation of what a CM or CSR will do once you get on the phone with them. I love debates, but I won’t be bashed for my opinion or for simply going over policy related to a question. Again, I’m here to learn like everyone else is and sometimes I have input that can possibly help if the host wants to take my information and run with it.


Call BS all you want, you do NOT NEED to read my posts or listen to my advice. It is free advice that I’m giving based on POLICY and MY opinion based on MY knowledge as a CM.


I wish I could do that for you guys as hosts but I would be terminated immediately or disciplined at the very least.



Don’t leave insider



There is definitely a market for cleaning services that support Airbnb hosts for hosts who are cash rich and time poor. There are quite a few cleaning companies that have sprung up already to cater for this market.

Many of us smaller hosts though prefer to vet and choose an individual cleaner that we work with.


Hi @TheInsider

If you want to have a discussion about your business start up, could we have this on a separate thread as I think it is getting rather confusing, between this, the advice you are kindly offering hosts about Airbnb matters and the original post here.

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