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Drunk guy, garbage bags and new lessons learned

Just need to vent here. I’m a little worried about getting my first negative review, but I don’t care too much. I just wanted this guy out of my house. Probably not the craziest BnB story, but it’s one I need to get off my chest.

This all started with this young man not communicating his arrival time until 30 minutes before his arrival. I am at work, but I have a lockbox outside the house so I give him the code. He sends me a message like what its stuck. I call him and he says he can’t get him open. I rush to the house, which probably means he waited a total of 45 minutes on my porch.
I show up and he’s sitting on the porch, drinking wine (he’s got about 1/3 of the bottle done) and surrounded by 4 garbage bags mainly full of food. I apologize profusely. Manage to open the lockbox with a little extra push, and let him in. I question him about the garbage bags, and he says he’s got all his stuff in a storage unit, including his passport since he’s flying out the next morning. He didn’t want to throw the food away. He’s heading out of the country for a while.

He’s got no ride to the storage unit… I feel guilty about the lockbox and offer to give him a ride at 7:30 am.

He makes dinner, almost burns his pasta, and continues drinking the whole bottle. By that time, he’s asking the same questions multiple times and is starting to slur. He also falls in the bedroom closet door and takes it off the hinges. As a single woman, I am not getting any more comfortable. Especially when he tells me I look younger for my age and that I am beautiful. I retreat to my bedroom early and lock my door.

I get awaken around 5am. I can hear a lot of shuffling in his room. I can’t sleep anymore so I get up and post myself at the dinning table, attempting to get work done. I just want this to be over.

He cooks a steak for breakfast, or more boils it for 30 minutes on the stove. When he’s done, he says he needs a nap and leaves all his dishes around. We leave for the storage unit around 7:30 am, which is 30 minutes away. When we get there, he tells me he’ll only be 5-10 minutes. After 30 minutes, I go inside. He says he can’t find his passport. I tell him I’m going to run errands and come back in 30. He still has no passport when I return.

We drive back home, he packs his garbage bags and suitcase he found in the unit. Then when I point out that he has dishes to do, he says he has to go text, probably won’t have time, and retreats to the bedroom.

I should have shut my mouth, but when he’s finally ready to leave, and says he is stressed and doesn’t have time to do the dishes anymore, I can’t hold it anymore. I point out that I don’t think he understands the meaning of being a guest and AirBnb. That he’s abused of my generosity. He points out that the lockbox wasn’t working. Sigh.

I drive him to the airport, its 2 minutes away and I want him gone.

I wonder what kind of review he will give me if any. But again, I have stellar reviews, just made Superhost, so I don’t care so much. He’s obviously an entitled little…

Lessons learned:
-Ask more questions from guests when they book. I was complacent this week since I had had great guests for a while.
-Agree on a check-in time ahead of booking
-Stop feeling like I need to save the world and don’t be so nice to douchbags
-Let go. This guys is not worth my energy and I believe in karma.


Good lord! You went way above and beyond. But you already know that :wink:

This doesn’t help now, but based on your description of the initial in-person interaction. I would have never let him in. Half drunk on arrival, with a load of trash bags, no way!

I wouldn’t worry too much about a bad review. People like this rarely leave a review. If he does, you might follow up with a detailed account of his behavior. They will remove unjust bad reviews when necessary. You might even call them now so they can put a note on the reservation.

I’m surprised you drove him all over the place. I’d tell him to call a taxi/uber/lyft/whatever. Transportation is not, or at least should not be, part of hosting. A crash happens and a whole other can of trouble opens up…


ugh… yes… I won’t add to you misery by pointing out the things you already learned. A few ideas:

YES, you must have a check in time. He was wrong to not communicate and arrive 30 minutes early and then trounce you about the lockbox.

I would have been put off totally by all the garbage bags. You could have stated right there that you weren’t comfortable with him bringing anything but standard luggage into your home. Drunk?? No. As Colorado states, you don’t have to allow that kind of person in your home.

The hitting on you was creepy and would have been grounds for me to call Air and get them to cancel.

In the future, you must state that guests need to have transportation. You are not a cab. If they don’t they can call Uber.

In the future, don’t allow use of your kitchen. There is zero benefit, every liability and no appreciation for the amenity and, with someone like this, extra mess.

A guy that’s lost his passport and can’t communicate ahead of his arrival probably has no phone and no way to leave you a review.


Thanks Konacoconutz for the good words. Yes, I agree with a lot of this. I probably should have done many of these, and I thought I was showing compassion. I got walked all over instead.

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Good point about the crash and my liability! And good idea to call them. I was thinking about this as well, giving them a heads up.

Sorry to hear about your experience. As you say you will learn for next time.

Do make sure you leave an honest review to warn future hosts.

You could also flag his profile to BNB.

Good luck with your future hosting.


Yup… It’s a business. Not an exercise in humanitarian favors. You’ll know better next time!
Also, people like this don’t appreciate your kindness. Whatever you do is not enough. Clearly the guy had red flags all over him. You might want to consider writing a review of him however so the rest of us can avoid him. Wait until the last minute of expiration to do it so just in case he does have the means it won’t trigger him to review you. In addition I might let Air know he was drunk and lecherous. Not the kind of guest I think they want using their platform.


Out of all his repulsive behavior…what pissed me off the most was the fact that he wanted to remind you that your lock box wasn’t working properly. Trashy people looking for one little thing that they think they can hold over your head. Or “I saw an ant on your counter when I arrived…remember - I saw an ant on your counter - so anything I do is justified.” Grrr!!

Sounds like it is time for the infamous sneak attack review. Definitely don’t review him until last minute…unless of course he leaves you a review first.

I have to chuckle at the fact that you asked him to do his dishes - did you really want his nasty ass cleaning your dishes?..lol.

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Cabinhost, thanks for the laugh. I am a teacher and I felt like I needed to teach him it wasn’t appropriate for him to leave his dishes! Haha! But it is ridiculous, I agree. I actually remember thinking: “I’ll have to do them again, so why bother”.

When he contacted me about the lockbox, I apologized and asked him if he could go to dinner and I would be there shortly. But since he had no car and was sitting on my porch surrounded by groceries… he didn’t see the need to. :grin:


Me too, a sub… so let me ask you… when the kids misbehave and the classroom is out of control, is it their fault??? :smile:

Lol! Sometimes… and right, its up to me to keep them in line. Sigh to myself here :blush:

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The lockbox problem might have been the bottle of wine before he arrived. I wouldn’t offer to drive guests. I’m not Uber/taxi.

When I had the guests from hell, I had to ask them to leave. They broke every house rule, left the place in a horrible state and had the neighbours complaining because they were being loud outside at 4 am.

I reviewed then harshly and gave them hell as regards stars, reported them to Airbnb and gave them a major thumbs down.

They left me a lovely review. Truly. So you never know :slight_smile:

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