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Dream guest on first stay turns to huge hassle for second stay...review help wanted

Here is my draft initial thoughts about the review. Most things are included, some are not. Some I won’t actually leave in the review but they are here to know about them. Understand that my price point is $25/night and $15 cleaning fee. He had a whole house to himself (with access to one bedroom). I know there is already a post about similar issues but it was wit a large group (this was with an individual who had been a dream guest previously. I also wrote the review for that at the bottom as if it was left before (it didn’t get left before due to him originally booking a different listing (to rent a room in he farm house I live in) but wasn’t able to stay there due to the Hurricane Matthew’and because the email Airbnb sent about after x date you won’t be able to leave a review should have read ON x date you won’t be able to so need to do it the day before).

This review is for his second stay:
Wayne was not quite the same guest the second time around. This time he booked for the room he didn’t want so I had to deal with Airbnb and him for a few days before that was fixed. Then I had invited him to dinner his last night and he informed me he would book another night when he got back. He did not. Even when I reminded him an hour before check out he then failed to check out by noon and was locked out because his smart lock access expired at check out time. He then called me and I had to stop what I was doing to create new codes to give him access and allow him to access the wifi to make the booking. Then he complained about the price (which I warn in the listing is more for same day bookings) and he offered cash for part of it instead since he didn’t want to pay a second cleaning fee for a second booking. He had no intent to leave and his stuff was still in my house so I unfortunately was stuck between that and calling the cops on him for trespassing which I did not want to escalate to. Then he made me wait around almost a half hour while he went to Walmart before actually giving me he money. Then the following day he again failed to check out by noon, even with another reminder and hour and a half before hand and with an extra free hour due to the time change! Knowing he would lose access at noon he left later that day via the back door. And when he did, he never locked it. When I sent him the resolution request for the stated $50 fee for not following House Rules by leaving the house unlocked he denied having even used the back door. I have had so many people just leave my house unlocked when they leave that I have had to institute this House Ruke. I thought it would prevent it and didn’t expect that I would actually n Ed to collect it out of the deposit.) Regardless, he left my house unlocked when he left late and he also left lights on. This time i had brand new Teflon coated T-Fal pots and pans and even bough I provided new plastic and silicone cooking utensils, he used metal silverware and left several gouges. Then he left greasy and sticky residue on them although they had been “washed” and stacked in the dish rack. I had to rewash mugs as well as empty out the old coffee and grounds. I am sad that what had been such a great first stay turned into him taking advantage of me on his second stay. I would now recommend him to Hosts that do this full time only as the amount of time and frustration required for his second stay was difficult when I am also working full time in the Army. I would have him back again but would not hesitate to enforce House Rules, including only contacting police if he is not gone by check out, or at the very least requiring a late check out fee. I will be adding that to my House Rules thanx to this experience.

This review is for his first stay that time ran out for leaving:
Wayne was a dream guest for me. Before his arrival Hurricane Matthew knocked out power. I informed him and he was ok with my generator and personal hotspot for wifi. While he was driving in he was met by literal road blocks because my area was being evacuated post Hurricane Matthew (unbeknownst to me as the door to door notifications had not yet begun). I offered to reroute him to my whole house listing although it did not have any internet and hadn’t been prepared since the last guest left earlier. He was so gracious and was patient in waiting until I was able to get Internet and wifi installed there. Such a great guest he was respectful of the house and left it in good condition. Given the chaotic circumstances I could not have asked for a better and more friendly and agreeable Guest than Wayne! I highly recommend him to other Hosts and am glad he booked again after his wedding. I thank him so much for helping ease some of the stresses of that time and am happy to call him friend.

Whoa - I would totally back off from that long review. No one is going to read all of that anyway, you will look like you’re ranting, because you are. Now that’s done, let’s make it simple. How about “guest was pleasant on his first visit, but this time did not have regard for my check-out times or other house rules. I would not welcome him back”.


Listen to @dcmooney - she knows the right thing to do! Hopefully, ranting to us on this forum will by now have given you the chance to let off steam about his, I have to say, relatively minor infractions although I can see that to you they must have been frustrating. It’s much more difficult combining Air with a full-time job, and I salute all of you who manage it. Don’t run the risk of seeming petty by sending your original review - Use a version of Nancy’s - she’s done the work for you!

Where so you find the time to write such lengthy reviews?
They could be scary to potential guests!

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AQ, as I said, this was more so that you guys new veything, and it was my opportunity to document what had gone wrong with the visit for the eventuality that he declined to pay he fine/fee he incurred by leaving my house unlocked when he left. Now I am waiting on Airbnb to make the determination. I told them I have evidence of him lying as well…let’s see if they let me provide it and then go with it.

As for the bottom (first stay review) I wrote that in preparation of actually posting that but as I said, the one ran out.

I’d say the guy can’t be your friend…I don’t find any of the things he did that serious and certainly wouldn’t get as irritated or try to impose a fine on a friend. Lucky you didn’t manage to post the review in the 14 day period you had, eh?

I mean when you said nightmare… I was expecting an actual disaster. That bit where you call him a overstayer and mentioned thinking about calling the police (while he was trying to get the money to pay!) … over-reaction. Part of your job as a host is a reasonable degree of flexibility. Checking out a few hours late is certainly irritating… but isn’t the point of all this that as hosts we are human and treat people with some degree of warmth and kindness?


I wouldn’t say he is a friend any longer either! The last review listed was what I wrote after imhis first stay.

Although you don’t find what he did that serious, I do…so much so that I put it in my house rules that the house must be lockedwhen no one is there or pay a $50 fee/fine each time I find it unlocked with no one home. Like I said, I didn’t expect that I would actually need to collect. I thought that would be enough of a deterrent since that is the price of 2 nights there!
Yes I was being flexible…but I was also being used, and then lied to. I don’t take too kindly to being lied to…the name of my farm is Integrity Farm if that gives you some idea of it.

And it was his passive aggressive move to wait until I arrived to collect the money for him to then NOT give me the money but instead go to Walmart and make me wait for it until he got back. It is about 10 miles one way. And he was not going to Walmart to get me the money. Oh, and not to mention that he should know that I’m not supposed to take cash outside of the Airbnb Booking site but again, he knew that if I didn’t accept that and he refused to book again that the police would have to be involved.

I do much appreciate @dcmooney short and sweet review although I would still feel compelled to indicate that he left my home unlocked. I want other hosts to know this. I wonder how many of the guests I’ve had leave my house unlocked have left others the same way. None of heir reviews indicate it but I bet there may be some.


You come off worse, tbh. Listen to @dcmooney

If I come off worse for including that he left my house unlocked so be it. Would you want your entire place open and unoccupied? I work too hard for that to be taken away from me when I earn just $26 a night for him to live in my house. I’d prefer to know if this is likely with a guest because they did it with someone else. If I even chose to have them I would know that I need to be present at check out since they likely won’t lock my house up.

What does TL:DR mean? I’m not familiar with that.

Any ideas how to prove someone left the door unlocked in the future? Take a video of myself opening each door after each guest? Ensure there is a current date time stamp?

I have proof he is lying about his departure time (he said he left at 3am but I have screen shots showing he locked the door (electronic smart lock) much later and also of the fact that big his phone and desktop computer were still online on my wifi network past noon check out).

TL;DR = Too long; didn’t read.

You can convey your message, but less is more if you want to get your message across. Most people have the attention span of a gnat’s fart.


Thanx, but honestly if you didn’t even read it I can’t take too much seriously. Yes, if I post the entirety of both review drafts (if I’m even allowed that much space) I would come off bad. Although so would he and other hosts would certainly be warned. Guests for my place are very unlikely to read one of my past guests reviews, especially if he doesn’t leave one for me…then they would not even know he stayed there. I agree that Mooney’s draft is much better and will likely use that and add something about leaving my house unlocked. (It’s possible he left the back door open the whole time he was ther but I didn’t go into the hiuse after he checked in).

@dcmooney. Thanx for such a succinct suggestion! Sorry o didn’t reply to your sooner.

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I suggest take the time to read the many excellent threads here about the different suggestions for a more successful (and smoother) hosting experience. Nothing to loose, much to gain.

Yes I have been for several months now. I appreciate all the input and comments and have implemented many of them.

Good show. Notice with every guess, we learn something, go back to the ‘manual’ (i.e. this forum), and then tweak, tweak and more tweaks. Its a process, takes a little while.

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Agreed, although I think bit is a never ending process…to improve! :slight_smile:

I understand your frustration with this guest. What I don’t understand, when he wanted to book an extra night, is why you didn’t send him a booking change offer to include the other night. I assess a cleaning fee, too, but when a guest extends their stay, I add it to their original booking.

Never ending. Hosting is a heck of a challenge, because it entails directly dealing with the most complex of species - humans. Need I say more? :wink:

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