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Downgrade in verification requirements?

Update on my guest that cancelled. He messaged me and said the cancellation was a mistake he made while updating his profile. I told him to just use instant book now that he meets the requirements and he did.

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Yes I have noticed this a lot lately. Only past month. Prompts me to check my settings. My settings are all good. However have found a solution. I discretely take out the phone and take a photo of their mv number plate after arrival. However, the fact is I would rather airbnb require this before all bookings per my setting, rather than me having to hassle through it. I did ask on one occassion, and totally ignored me. Not a good start. I also find that the guest email is not their main one, mainly because they dont respond to my queries. This ID is a key one for me - as I live alone and the home is part of my house (private not share). So ideas here - I didnt know about instant booking block with no ID, and how to ask for it, great thanks.

OK. So have now checked listing and with this site think I know how it works. Instant book on for govt ID guests. When no ID, then reservation is sent to me for confirmation. No instant book. So with those guests, I will now ask that they provide a govt ID at check in (with notice when I confirm booking). Any feedback would be appreciated. If not I will let you know how it goes. Cheers

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