Downey occupancy tax?

Hi, I’m m new to Airbnb hosting. I have a contact there and be customer support a couple of times and they haven’t been able to tell me if city of Downey has occupancy tax and they’re not collecting it for sure. Where can I find out? Please help me thank you

No, they won’t know local laws all over the world! Your local authority’s website?

I agree Airbnb can’t tell you about what occupancy tax your city might charge. In your situation I would give your city council/government a call and ask them or look on their website.

This is an international forum. We really don’t know squat about local ordinances or Air-to-government-interactions. We don’t even know where the heck Downey is. New Zealand? Ethiopia? One of the 50 US states or 40 European countries.

Is it a burb of LA???

Don’t be put off by the blast of seemingly unfriendly responses. You’re new to Airbnb. Airbnb just skims off money you make. They don’t get involved in your local tax laws–usually. Just call or get on the City of Downey web site to find a contact number and find out what you’re supposed to do, if anything at all. Good luck.