Down to 4.8, old listing review has been revived

Couple of months back, I deleted a couple of listings that will never be used again, and with it went a 2star review (TV didn’t work). My rating went from 4.8 to 4.9, NOICE! :slight_smile:
But last night I noticed I’m 4.8 again, the 2star review is back.
Is that how it is now?

In my thread about 2 reviews equalling 4.64 I have added several new issues with stars being inaccurate and changing seemingly randomly… I bet it’s the same for yours. Give it time.


They are clearly tweaking the review display. I just read someone’s profile with 3 reviews but there is a zero by their name as if they have no reviews.


They are really messing with the display lately.

Yesterday, I was looking at one of my listings, as a guest, and it had the numbers correct “31 reviews (5.0)” but underneath the ratings, it says “92% of ratings were 5-stars” (or something like that), which clearly doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have any unwritten or un-received reviews for that listing so it’s not a 4.0 hiding in the closet, either.

I did what I usually do when things don’t make sense on the page - I refreshed the page. lol.

And that’s when it got really weird. The note changed to “96% of ratings were 5-stars” BUT it said it in Spanish. So now the percentage and the language changed. I continued to refresh the page (I’m easily amused) and each time it gave a different percentage of 5-stars and also a different language. It was all-over the place.


@JJD, I’ve seen the language change to Spanish when viewing in-private/incognito.

My listing currently says “19 recent guests said this place was sparkling clean.” Sometimes it uses a percentage for whatever rating it’s calling out, but it has rarely been 100%. What I concluded, is that the numbers/percentages sometimes include guests that did not leave a review or rating because the numbers came out correctly if I factored them in, but this could be a bad assumption on my part. I also can’t figure out what “recent” actually means. I.e. the number 19 doesn’t come out to be anything straightforward like all reviews in the last 6 months, etc.

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@Brian_R170 Yeah, that’s at the top of the listing. I have that too! It seems to be based on the “compliments” that guests give when they do reviews. Mine seem to add up to those; however, “recent” does seem a little arbitrary.

But what I was referring too was at the Reviews section, above the star ratings for different categories but below the overall rating. I haven’t seen it today. It appeared with different percentages and a wide variety of languages.


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If mine would change to Spanish, that would be an improvement. Unfortunately Japanese, Korean, and French are not languages I can read and those are the languages I am most likely to see lately.

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This is a good one. This is from the message stream with a guest, their profile info on the left hand side. Only the name of the country (United States) changes languages when I refresh the page. It was in Chinese and also French at one point. I didn’t think to screenshot until it became Spanish and then it went back to plain old english.


Same guest a few minutes later:



Mixing English and other languages on the same page, awesome!

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here’s todays guest: Chris is from Essex, but Airbnb suggests otherwise…

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I saw it for the first time yesterday as well.


Now I know how to write Chula Vista, California in… uh… wait, I don’t even know what language it is.

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I’m still getting all of that too. If you refresh the page, it changes to other languages! My favorite is when the languages mixed, like Rhode Island, Estados Unidos

I got an IB yesterday from a guy in Asheville, Carolina du Nord!


I love that Airbnb informs us that the guest is not a mute. He or she speaks!


Yes, what a bonus that is!


I had this exact situation with a new reservation that came in this morning. Went from “Montana” to characters, nothing under the speaks segment.

This is a good one! I think it’s Portugese?